Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Ah, forced blogging, there is nothing quite like it.  It is Wednesday, which means WOYWW - desk day.  I'm not feeling great but I have forced myself to join in otherwise another day will pass with nothing constructive having happened.

The desk is clear... well the bit in the middle is!  Quite a lot of shove to the side going on still.  I also have a new storage cubby for 12x12 papers and other assorted 'stuff' (yes, that is a technical term!) which rather fabulously fits my sewing machine on top.  Bonus!

Hope to see you at your desk - energy depending


  1. Lovely busy work space Laura. Hope you are feeling better soon
    Lynda B 24

  2. (an error was deleting my comment) - I love the place you have for your crafts - wow I wish to have same kind of place and your storage is so nice to have .. Thank you so much for sharing, Laura

    Kind regards

  3. Like the new storage.

    Hope you feel much better soon.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue 25

  4. Love the new storage. Hope you're feeling better soon. {{{Hugs}}}
    ~Kate~ #39

  5. What a fab crafting space - so neat and tidy too! x Jo

  6. I am not really feeling great either! Hope you get your energy back. It's nice to have a clear spot on the desk, and I love your new cubbies. Sandy Leigh #50

  7. Hi Laura, the storage looks 'really useful', as are the boxes LOL!
    Hope you feel a bit more like yourself soon and thanks for the visit, Angela x #38

  8. Your desk area is nice and long and so full of light too. That's what is missing for me - light, natural light.
    Lucky you.
    Hugs Neet 23 xx

  9. That looks like a great workspace! I can see lots of yummy washi tape!
    Thanks for dropping by earlier.

  10. Kool 12 x 12' storage indeedy... love your desk and think it is quite restrained really! do get chirpier soon!
    happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #9

  11. Ah I did that shove to the side last week I think but couldn't cope so I had to clean up. I do like your new storage and a bonus the sewing machine fits on top and the unit has wheels too. Hope you have a wonderful week and are feeling better soon.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    Happy WOYWW 69

  12. A lovely space there, Laura - and even with the shove technique, there is still room to work. No such space on my desk at the moment, I'm afraid! That's a great new unit - it will hold loads of stuff as well as the sewing machine. Great!!
    Thanks for visiting.
    Take care. Trust you soon start feeling a little better. God bless.
    Margaret #10

  13. Hi Laura, I hope you are feeling better today. I love your new 12 x 12 storage - it looks so neat. Have a good week. Elizabeth x #33


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