Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Busy, busy.  By the time I link up at Julia's today I'll be desk 200 odd!!

Here is a shot of my desk today...

Here's what I made yesterday...

More on the sticks in another post.

I'm frantically working on a guest design spot for Quirky Crafts.

I'm told it's top secret and only sneaky peeks are allowed so...

I can say I find it very hard doing Christmas work in July.  The weather is doing it's best to make it feel like December, we have had rain, wind and thunder today.  All in a typical British summers day! :)

Short and sweet, that way we can all get round more desks...



  1. You are being mysterious today! :) I would imagine that Christmas spirit *would* be a bit hard to come by in July. (But that makes me think I should consider making some cards. . . hmmmmmm) I wonder if the walking sticks are a gift for someone. By the time my generation needs such things with regularity, I imagine they'll be available in many customizable colors and designs. Happy WOYWW from Laura #114

  2. happy woyww, i shall keep my eyes peeled for the sticks post. and the sneak peak is a tease, some nice colours in use there. I can not get into xmas in december so ni idea how you are managing it now ;)

  3. Hi Laura thanks for popping by to see me. You would be welcome to my class anytime!! I love the photo of the mystery look at your Christmas project. My guess for the walking sticks is either someone with a birthday that uses the sticks who wants pretty ones to match an outfit or a bride wanting the same - I look forward to finding out! WOYWW Hugs from Helen 69

  4. am intrigued by the sticks
    have a fabby crafty week
    kay #52

  5. Nice to see the little sketch in the corner... I wonder what that will turn into? jenx 135

  6. I can't even get my head around the fact that we're in July, let alone planning for Christmas! It must feel like you've lost the summer somewhere! Great desk thanks for sharing. Happy Woyww Liz 133 x

  7. God to see your desk = but are all the intriguing little white boxes at the back of the desk - I'm fascinated ! Ali #60

  8. Great sticks, Laura! I've been meaning to bling up my poiple crutches for ages, and also redo the rather tired decs on my wheelchair but haven't got round to it! Whenever I've got enough energy, I'm chasing my tail trying to catch up with everything! Intriguing sneak peek there, too!

    Thanks for your comment - no worries - just glad you got the ATC OK!

    Take care.
    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #4

  9. The sticks look intriguing, as does the sneaky peek at the design team project. Thanks for the peep into your workspace. Have a good week. Hazel #124 x


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