Monday, 16 September 2013

Mini Madness Monday IIII

I have a few Mini Albums to share so I've decided to I'll share one at a time for a month of Mondays, so welcome to Mini Madness Monday IIII... Check out previous Mini Madness Mondays  here and here and here.

This album is packed full of memories from my day out at Monkey World in Dorset.  If you've not heard about them they are a massive rescue and rehabilitation park that house many primates from all over the world.  They have breeding programmes for endangered species too.  The people that set the park up and work there are, in my opinion, angels!  They have done so much good work.  Anyway on with the album...

The inside front cover has the map with our route highlighted.


The receipt and Who, When, Where, Why, What on the first page.

Jim and Charlie...

I wanted the viewer to pause on the Jim and Charlie page so I added a vellum leaf to the book

Ahem.  My shop receipt!

Another vellum page, this to separate the chapters.

Chapter 2 = Chimpanzees.  I didn't get many brilliant photos so I bought some post cards from the shop to supplement my pictures.

For this double page spread I added paper flowers and ribbon at the bottom.



On to the Orang utans.  My love affair with Gordon was not to be continued... He stayed inside all day and I didn't get to see him again :(

But I did see a baby!  Awww!

and this little one playing on the ropes :) 

Another vellum leaf to end the Orangs chapter and begin the 'Others'

Which included Stump Tailed Macaques

Squirrel Monkeys,

And Capuchins!

And a page to round it off... "I think the sign of a good day is thinking 'I wonder when we can come back again' as you leave"

Back cover

This is the mini that took the longest to make.  I lost energy and motivation half way through and well, it sat at the side patiently and waited for me to recharge!

I'd like to share this at:
Inspire Me Mondays
Challenges 4 Everybody
Our Creative Corner - my forgotten item is the album blank which has sat for more than three years and also the ice cream embellishment, which must be 10 years old, was rediscovered in my latest tidy-a-thon!  (Shameful I know!)

And if you have a moment check out Monkey World and make plans to visit some time soon - it is such a lovely place to be.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is gorgeous Laura. I love all the elements you have put in and the idea of velum sheets is a great one. Love it.

  2. Such a wonderful memory album! The pages are beautifully laid out and I have to admit to loving that little baby Orang utang. It must have been a joy to visit Monkey World. Thanks so much for joining in our Forgotten Things Challenge at Our Creative Corner. Anne x

  3. This is amazing! So detailed, it is a joy to see. What a wonderful keepsake of a lovely day which obviously has so many special memories for you. Thanks so much for joining us this month at Our Creative Corner - Love from Laura xxx


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