Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Argh!  I tidied up.  I swear I did.  You just didn't pop round in the 5 minutes that it was tidy...  :D

Happy WOYWW, here is my tip desk...

I've reorganised my scraps and embellishments in to colour boxes.  I have white and Christmas out at the moment.

You also see a small selection of notebooks - I have more, I write in all of them, I get confused, I should learn, but I don't!

I'm working on some DT bits now and when they are done I hope to work out how to sew an advent calendar.  My friend, aged 28, has decided she wants one.  Who am I to deny her?!  (I reckon making it will be easier than filling it with 24 tiny gifts!  I'll leave that to her hubby!!)

Hope to stop by your desks later...


  1. Your friend aged 49.3 likes an advent calendar too! And you're right, the thought of finding the little gifts in perpetuity is enough to make me stick with paper calendars! Your desk is SO not untidy...the whites being out makes it all look organised and in control I can tell you! I wonder if the cohesion would appear the same with any other colour.

  2. Thats what we all like the upcycle kniferack, what a good idea. Great desk. Francesca #47

  3. Love the washi stack you have there! Such a lovely star stamp I spotted there! I love advent calendars, I look forward to seeing yours for your friend. What a treasured gift! Winnie#79

  4. I believe you when you say your desk was tidy (cough, cough). Love that little red star. I just got a catalogue with a sew your own advent calendar, I thought about getting it for about ten seconds,then realised it involved sewing, game over! Good luck with yours :)
    Have a great week,
    Von #34

  5. We have a penchant for notebooks too, all are written in, none has a particular purpose!

    Thanks for visiting our desk already and yes, carrot recipes are much needed here.

    The bears

  6. Well it looks like a nice CREATIVE desk top to me Laura! Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my art journal. Happy WOYWW.

    Sarn xxx

  7. I love all of your wash tapes....tell us how the embellies packed in colours work.....mybdaughter aged 23 also lovesvadvent calendars,and shevwants more than chocies in them!,,,,

  8. that's how I feel about my housekeeping, no one pops by when the house is clean but people show up 5 minutes after dinner when the place is trashed LOL! Love the washi tape on your table, pretty splash of color! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #21

  9. You could always buy an advent calendar...that would be easier still!! Sorry, that wasn't helpful, was it?? ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 54 xx

  10. Your desk looks pretty organised to me. I made an advent banner for my son some years ago when he was little, it comes out each year and I got presents in it last year from a SWAP craft group. Thanks for the visit BJ#94

  11. Hi Laura, I can help you with the advent calendar making if you like, I made one a few years back for my Nephew - - photos aren't very good, but I could write you a quick tutorial! Thanks for swinging by my blog earlier..Love the red glittery star, can't wait to see what that becomes :) I too love notebooks, I do have one fave, but I can't resist them. Unbeknowst to Hubby I have a big box of them under my desk...shush! Cx #41

  12. Hi Laura thank you for popping by earlier. How have you made that lovely red star - it looks like crochet but I am wondering why it is pinned at the corners???? Intriguing ;-) Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 65

    1. It is crochet. My Mum is quickly becoming an expert! It's called blocking I think. I dampen the piece, stretch it and pin it. When it's dry, un-pin it and it keeps it shape complete with pointy corners. You can do it with steam too but me and irons don't mix! x

  13. Lovely busy desk, Laura. I'm like you with the notebooks, but at the moment it's bits of paper - I keep writing things down as I think of them, and then losing the bits of paper.

    Thanks for your good wishes for our move - all systems go now.

    Shoshi #72

  14. Hi Laura, thanks for your earlier visit, I love all that Washi Tape
    Rosie x

  15. This doesn't look messy, it's just busy!

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww!
    #31 this week with
    ATCs Around the World

  16. Happy WOYWW! You have such fun washi's and Tons of Scissors! One can never have to many Scissors!!
    -tera #3

  17. You should have seen my work area earlier today:) Yours is tidy compared to mine:)

  18. Good luck with the advent calendar! I miss them..... Your scraps sorting look very organised - I just have one huge pile... Thanks for stopping by. Helen 19

  19. Hi, Laura, looks like the aftermath of some fun on your desk today. No need to worry about lack of neatness with the WOYWW crew -- it's a badge of honor. *grin* Happiest of WOYWWs to you and thanks for visiting me. ~ Laura #13

  20. such a cute little star! :) Lx

  21. I can relate. That star looks interesting and I love all the colorful tap rolls. Thanks for stopping by earlier. 109

  22. I giggled when I read "5 minutes". What a true statement that is! love your collection of washi tape!

    Thank you for the visit!

    Hugs, Robin #51

  23. Thanks for the lovely comment re Jacquie's workspace - she read my blog and the comments and was really touched by all the positivity. Thanks for the snoop round yours! x Jo

  24. Sorry it's taken me so long to call by this week but it's been really manic here.
    Hope all is good at yours....I love seeing your busy desk.....they really never do stay tidy for long :-)
    A x # 46

  25. looking VERY tidy to me :)
    Oh, I love advent calenders too... I usually make one for my children as well (and so far I receive one from my mom each year too ;))
    Cheers, Jana #64

  26. I think it looks wonderfully tidy! I've made envelope advent calendars for my children which we fill with seasonal bucket list activities.

  27. Hi Laura, thanks for visiting, those bird shots look like they should be a stamp, they did the moment I saw them!
    You are just like me, I have numerous notebooks and forget which I wrote something in and have to look through them all,lol.

    Cazzy x

  28. filling the advent calendar is easy..... chocolate what else!
    love your pile of washi tapes.... so colourful they made me smile
    janet #28

  29. Pretty Blog. Thanks for the peek. Love all your Washi tape. :)


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