Thursday, 2 June 2016

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I have loads of passing ideas, and most of them end up forgotten and come to nothing.  Sometimes, though, they are actually quite good ideas and they bear fruit!  I said in the like for ever subscriber group on facebook that we should start a throwback Thursday feature to encourage us to use up our older kits. 

I don't finish each month's kit, I just can't use that much stash.  I file the leftovers away in their zip lock bag with good intentions but have found the newer kits more appealing and haven't gone back to previous 'old' kits.  Well folks, it changes now.  Each month I will go back to an 'old' kit and make a layout - and I will share them with you on a Thursday as a 'throwback'.

This is made with October 2015's kit - Beautiful Things.  It was fairly pink but again I managed to go with mainly b-sides and pick a black, white and grass green colour scheme.  (I seem to remember avoiding the pink last time around too!)

We had a pack of vellum pockets in the kit and I don't think I used any... tut tut!  But one made it on to this page, and holds a tag with my title and journalling on.  I know it makes no sense to put your title in a pocket!  I did it anyway!

I added a couple of mini flair from Feed Your Craft.  I was lucky to win a voucher over the 'National Scrapbooking Day' weekend so expect to see a few mini flair pop up over the next few months!  Oh yes, and I went to town with the black India ink!

 I ignored my instinct to put ribbon through the tag hole and added a green bulldog clip instead.  I have been told ribbons and sequins are not very masculine...  I still need convincing but I held off for this layout.

 And he does know most of the 60 or so characters, and I know perhaps twenty.  I try really hard to remember their names but they just don't stick.  He gives me a look when I get a name wrong, you know one of those looks where you can hear his thoughts even though he hasn't used words...

"Oh Auntie Laura, such a disappointment!"

Thanks for stopping by!

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