Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Lollipop Box Club | Secret Garden

Hello!  Today I'm sharing a 9x12 scrapbooking layout using Lollipop Box Club's 'Secret Garden' kit.  I couldn’t wait to get starting with this kit; there is a delicate prettiness about the embellishments and a warm green tone to the overall colour scheme.  Both things I enjoy creating with.

The typed snippets included in the treat bag have the sayings ‘a little birdie told me’ and ‘shh, it’s a secret...’  These immediately struck a chord with me as my budgie is always chatting away to me.  One of her most talkative times is just before she naps; it’s almost as if she is talking herself to sleep.  She gets quieter and quieter as she nestles down into my shoulder and then finally nods off.  These two snippets inspired the entire layout.

I made a giant shaker pocket with a piece of the pink grid patterned paper and some white tulle from my stash.  I trapped the tissue paper flower confetti in between the paper and the tulle, pulling the tulle around to the back of the paper and adhering it securely with sticky tape.  My original plan was not to cover any of this shaker section up but as the layout evolved it became clear that I was going to need to cover it.  I find this with mixed media too – it seems such a shame to spend the time making something so pretty to then layer things over the top covering the beauty.  I have to remind myself that it is all part of the process.

The flower confetti reminds me of a street I know in Winchester.  Either side of the road is lined with trees that burst with blossom.  Not only are the trees so pretty but as the petals drop the pavement becomes a feature too.  Now I can link any story to my budgie... when she is moulting the floor surrounding her cage looks like this too!  I picked up a handful of recently moulted feathers and tucked them in to the tea bag.  One of Lisa’s gorgeous handmade touches this month is a painted flower and ‘seek beauty everyday’ sentiment added on to the tea bag.  It’s these little touches from Lisa that make the kits so special and unique.

I layered my photos on to some tissue paper and part of a paper bag that was part of the kit packaging, placed these and the tea bag in a grid formation on top of the shaker and then embellished with a few die cuts, kraft tags and some Mrs Brimbles stickers.

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