Saturday, 4 April 2020

Throwback | This Boy Is Number 1

Another of those posts I found in my drafts folder.  I seemed to get as far as uploading the photos but not adding any text and publishing the post.  This one is from 2018.

Cocoa Vanilla and a cut file - how can you go wrong?!

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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Scrapbooking | Inspired By Laura Bassen

One of my favourite card makers to watch on YouTube is Laura Bassen.  This video inspired me to make a layout...

I started off gathering a rainboow of cardstock.  When making your own rainbow you are in charge of the colours so I made sure there was extra green and no pink!  I cut squares that were about 37mm - I was lining up to a mark on my mini guillotine which just happened to be 37mm.  I then chopped each square in half, and one of the resulting triangles in half.

The gathering and chopping process took a little under an hour.  I then assembled the triangles on a sheet of stickit adhesive.  This bit took about 30 minutes I guess.  I had my Silhouette cutting a few cut files at the same time and it passed pretty quickly and was strangely therapeutic.  Next step was to arrange them in a pattern on the centre of a 12x12.  To add extra interest I popped a few up on foam pads.  I varied the height of the foam pads too so some are on 1mm and some are on 3mm.

I added a sewn border around the square of triangles.  It needed a little something to keep it all in its place, but nothing too bold.  White thread was exactly the right balance between enough and too much.

I popped the photo up on a white layer which was also given the stitched border.  Then to finish things off I matched sequins to the coloured triangles.  I'm not sure what it says about me that I had all of the colours needed!

Here's the video:

Huge thanks to Laura Bassen for the inspiration!

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Scrapbooking | Rainbow

Scraptember are holding a cyber crop this weekend and one of the prompts was to make a rainbow laout.  I didn't need to be asked twice, rainbows are my favourite!

I always think of Sarah Costain when using a black background.  She really is the queen of black backgrounds.

The rainbow splatters are all made with Shimmerz products.  I love that these paint pots can sit unsed for more than a year and then rehydrate to their shimmery best in less than 10 minutes!  The hearts are from Colour Cast Designs.  (Like Shimmerz another fabulous company run by lovely people on the other side of the world... and makes me hate postal charges!)  I only order from Colour Cast once every 12-18 months... which come to think of it is probably a good thing!!  Because of this I tend to think of these acrylic pieces as precious and hoard them, so I'm pleased to get these big hearts used within a month of recieving them.

The everyday moments is cut from a PL card from Crafty Templates.  Finally, back to my usual cheerleading for a fabulous UK company!  I know I bang on about UK scrappy businesses so often but we need to support them.  Major plusses are no extortionate postal fees!

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Friday, 27 March 2020

Scraptember | Stash Busting Patterned Paper

Taking part in some stash busting fun in Scraptember.

I don't use as much patterned paper as I'd like.  I'd like to use as much as I buy... but that might be wishful thinking!!  Anyway, that thought led me to draw up this sketch.

I went through my yellow/green and mint/blue paper boxes and pulled out a stack of papers.  I arranged them in colour order and cropped them all to squares.  I thought I was going to be super accurate but that didn't happen.  They are roughly 12mm larger each time but after the third one I just started eyeballing it.  In the sketch the squares are rotated 22.5 degrees each time; on my layout I just turned it "a bit".

 Once I'd got my twisted stack complete I pondered what else needed adding.  I really don't know... enamel dots?  A title?  Journalling?  In the end I went with a tiny tab with his initial on it.  I'm intrigued to see if anyone else plays along with this sketch and how they choose to embellish it.  I did add some gold paint splatters and then called it finished.

 It's a bit of a chunky monkey.  I'm always surprised at how much paper weighs!  But I do like the overall effect and I'm very pleased to have used a good wadge of paper on one layout.

Here's the process video:

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

4PP&1SS | Four Patterned Papers and One Sticker Sheet | Layout 1 | L

I don't know about you but I get overwhelmed when ALL of the new collections come out at once.  It's especially bad after Creativation when American Crafts releases what feels like 100 collections at once.  There also seems to be a supply thing and if you don't buy straight away you miss out foreverI wonder cynically if that is all part of the plan.  Then there is Cocoa Vanilla and Pink Fresh too... mustn't miss out on them either.  This time I decided I would place one order for all things under the AC umbrella.  Lottie Loves Paper is my shop of choice and I had a good browse and made a list.  Then I crossed off most of the things on the list when I realised how many sheets of paper that would be!  I settled on 5th & Monaco (paper pad, ephemera and stickers), Paige Evans (one sheet of the pastel diamonds) and Maggie Holmes (four sheets of paper and the sticker sheet).  I was so excited by 5th & Monaco and yet it has sat there untouched so far.  When I got the papers 'in the flesh' as it were I loved the Maggie Holmes ones the most.  The colour palette is different from the same old with a rich yet dusky purple.  This is the start of a mini series of creations made with those 4 Patterned Papers & 1 Sticker Sheet.

I've used some watercolour paper and my Daniel Smith watercolours to paint a splodgy background to layer a couple of cut files on.  The L is left over from this layout and the flowers are a Paige Evans cut file which you can buy as a pre-cut from Pretty My Page.

I've backed the floral cut file with some of the patterned papers.  Before I cut into the first paper I did a little forward planning and looked at what I might want to do with each paper.  I have a rough plan for 5 layouts and put aside chunks of 12" paper for layout two and reserved some green paper for layout five.  I also made sure to cut the border from one of the papers so I could trim down my watercolour paper and have a purple floral border showing.

I added some sewing with my machine and embellished with stickers from the sticker sheet.

To finish off I added a sprinkling of tiny enamel glitter heart stickers.

Here's the process video:

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