Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Morning All!

This week I have been mostly working on this album...

...which is now complete apart from the journalling and photos.

I also did a little tidying.  It really was little - just one drawer

but doesn't it look good all lined up?!  Won't last long.  And just so you don't get the wrong idea about my craft room...

...not too far away is a large pile of stuff still waiting to be sorted, sigh. 

If only my room were bigger or I had less stuff...  I have sorted out 3 lots of beads to put on ebay to try and regain some space (UK bidders check out here, here and here if you are interested) but I'm just not very good at getting rid of things!

Anyway, lets put all that out of our minds and go to Julia's and go desk hopping!!  :)

p.s  This is my 99th post!  Should I celebrate the 100th?  What do you think?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bee Happy in Pink

Happy Tuesday - I've gone all pink again!

This is my entry for In the Pink.

I was so chuffed to be picked as a favourite for the first challenge - thank you very much Posh and Pretty.

This weeks theme is things with wings.  I have gone for a pink bumble bee.  Having done the drawing I sort of wish they exist now!

I found a photo online and copied the basic outline and shape, picked out all my pink colouring pencils and got to work.  The bee in the photo was very hairy so I used a super fine paintbrush and some ink to add hairs on top of the colouring pencil.

Thanks for popping by!

Friday, 24 August 2012


This Poppy painting has been 'on the go' since 2006.  At least that is when I saw a painting similar that wasn't available to buy so decided I would paint my own.  I took photos and measurements and came home from my holiday full of enthusiasm...

A few years after that I sketched the outline on to a canvas.

A few years after that I decided to paint it but had a fight with my easel and it won.

A few weeks ago I decided to go for it again, this time without the easel, just using the floor and a large plastic sheet.

Once I got started I wondered why it had taken me so long - I do so love painting!

I used acrylics for the centre, stem and leaf and Bombay Ink for the petals.

The ink I used is called 'red' so I was expecting it to be much redder than it turned out.  It seems more pink to me.

I have since ordered some more inks in various shades of red and I will do another to try and get it to look like it is in my head!

The ink was so lovely to use, something I wish I had tried out ages ago.

Now I'm hooked and planning a rose and maybe a pansy too...
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Artist's Playroom 23

This week Jenn has asked us to illustrate a word

I chose 'paint'...

First off I painted a paintbrush white and then painted various stamps in neon colours and randomly added them. 

I can't say this was my idea... I nicked it from Julie but I thought it fitted this weeks theme perfectly!
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Morning WOYWWers!
Pop over here to Julia's to see loads more desks...

Yes, I know the panoramic photo doesn't line up properly but this was the fourth one and I kind of just thought it'll have to do!  I need a wide shot this week because I, and my mess, are very spread out!  I'm making up a mini album kit from Ronda.  Lots of fun so far, just being inky and creative, but following her instructions.  Creating without thinking!
The album is called 'i am' and there are ten pages so I thought I'd come up with a list of ten meaningful things that I am - easier said than done... give it a go..?  See?!  Tricky!!

You might be interested to see this painted paint brush now it is finished...

And I've also been painting this...
Hopefully a full post on this later today or tomorrow.
Thanks for popping by and sorry if I didn't return your visits last week.  I'm coming through a bit of depression at the moment and I haven't got the oomph I need to communicate properly.  I will try harder this week!  I promise!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

at least 20 Shades Of Pink

There is a new blog on the block... In The Pink

Their first challenge is 50 Shades of Pink.

To start off with I painted my nails using the water marble technique.

To do this you use masking tape and it has occurred to me before that some of the bits are very pretty and would work well in scrapbooks or cards.  I saved the bits and waited for my nails to dry...

And then made this card with the offcuts.

Thinking that just the blank and masking tape probably wasn't 'enough' I then gathered all my pink glitters and decorated the front and the bottom square of tape.

I've just scanned the list of entries so far and they are all so soft, feminine and pretty.  Mine is not that style... but I do think it qualifies as pink enough!! 

Thanks for stopping by :)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hello Desk-y Folk!

Here is my desk today...

Inspired to paint a paint brush.  An album I was given, I think I'm going to alter it.  WOYWW badge :)  Beaded Snoopy.  Random brushes.  Neon threads, as you do.

and a little further down...

I have to take some proper photos of these, they are spectacular.

This was my desk yesterday...

I had fun playing with pink nail varnishes :)  Hopefully I'll get to make a little project with the left overs today.

Fancy looking at tons of desks?  Pop over to Julia's...

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Turquoise and Lime

After watching quietly for a couple of weeks I decided to play along at The Artists Play Room.

I was nervous of joining in because I'm not an artist...

Then I read this...

"Here's my first challenge. Are you an artist? Can you say it out loud, for all the world to hear? I've had trouble with claiming "artist" status in the past, but when I embraced all that it meant, I found it so freeing to be what I was from the inside out. I've been an artist since the moment I could pick up a pencil, I just didn't say it out loud. I want to encourage you to SAY IT OUT LOUD by joining me in my "Artist's Play Room" every Saturday. You don't have to be great, just create!"

The theme for the week was turquoise and lime.

I came up with this:

One without flash

and one with flash to show off the sheen and pearl.

And a few close ups...  Glitter

Glass beads.

Texture gel.

And a bucket of ingredients.

After a couple of nothing days (M.E.) I do hope I get it linked up in time, I've left it VERY late! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


It's not a desk this week.  (And it's not entirly focused either!  Sorry about that!!)  I don't know why but I like to paint on the floor.  Maybe it's because there's more room.  Maybe it's because I can't do it standing at an easel.  Maybe it's because my desk is too messy.  Maybe it's because I like to be different!  Here is a picture of what is currently on my floor complete with feet.  And because I know you WOYWWer's are beady eyed and see absolutely everything - the necklace dangling from the cupboard door handle is made by my 10 year old cousin.

That's all from me this week, very tired.  I will try and look at some of your desks though.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A Green and Blue Hello

I've made this card for the challenges at Less Is More and CAS-ual Fridays.  LIM set the sketch and CF set the colour pallet.

Let me know what you think...

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