Saturday, 30 June 2012


After a really flat sleepy week I made a couple of cards today...

They both fit with CASEStudy (design) and CASual Fridays (two circles) and I'm also going to enter them into Crafty Ribbons (clean and simple).

I intended the buttons to be my two circles.  I layered them up with glue gel to give good dimension.

I used washi for the grid lines on the card.  I used the offcuts of washi to brighten up the inside of the card... they looked like little flag pennants... and I can't bear to watse anything!!

The letter stickers are circles too... so I guess I ended up with 7 circles instead of two...

Now I'm really confused about the term Clean And Simple.
What does it actually mean?
How clean?
How simple?
How much 'stuff' is allowed?

I'm going to go ahead and enter them and see what you think...
comments on the cards and the whole Clean and Simple concept gratefully recieved!!


After a really flat, sleepy week I made a couple of cards today...

They both fit with CASEStudy and CASual Fridays (two circles) and I'm also going to enter them into Crafty Ribbons (clean and simple). 

Neon washi - my new favourite toy!!

A couple of buttons attached with glue gel.

Three thank yous. 
Q:  When you use multiple cling stamps in a cluster like this do you put them all on one block and use it as one stamp or do you stamp each one individually? 
The middle stamp is one from a Docrafts Marie Curie set from a few years back and the other two are bananafrog stamps from different sets.  The middle stamp seemed a tiny bit thinner than the other two and I think, in hindsight, I should have stamped it seperately to make it look its best.

A peek at the leftovers jazzing up the inside of the card.

The black and white washi is actually cut in half.  At it's full width it would have been too wide so I stuck a length to a sheet of scrap paper and ran it through the guillotine.  I love that I am no longer scared of washi!!

Now I'm really confused about the term Clean And Simple. 
What does it actually mean? 
How clean? 
How simple? 
How much 'stuff' is allowed? 

I'm going to go ahead and enter them and see what you think...
comments on the cards and the whole Clean and Simple concept gratefully recieved!!

Monday, 25 June 2012

7 & 10

"What's that?" She asked inquisitively.
"They are ATC's"  I replied. 
And so a crafting session began...

We had two cousinlets stay for the night, 7 and 10. 
7 happily made a scrapbook page and carefully filed it away. 
10 wasn't in the mood...
She was fascinated by my brothers old vintage computer game. 
My brother and I at 29 & 27 are only 20 years older but boy! have computer games changed in that time!! 

This little hand held Nintendo Donkey Kong game only plays one game in which you are a monkey jumping over crocodiles and ducking under flying crows doesn't compare too well to the DS's that have multiple games and cameras and wi-fi and goodness knows what else! 
Anyway 10 wandered off while 7 and I scrapped...

Later when 7 had gone downstairs 10 came up and asked about my pile of WOYWW ATC's.
I explained as best as I could and we had a go at making an ATC each.
I used my new neon washi tape that arrived the day before...

but you don't want to see mine...
10's is amazing! 

Her design, her choice of materials, the only thing I helped with was making the bow and even that was her idea.

I love crafting with my girls.  When 10 was a toddler she would sit on my lap at my desk and play with pots of 'pretties',  embellishments, buttons, toppers, she loved them all. 

10 was keen that I shared her ATC with you all.   Really I should offer it as a swap but truthfully I don't think I can bear to part with it!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Smiling Daffodil

The last couple of days my internet connection has been so slow... it took all afternoon to upload these pictures!  Here is what I've been working on...

The frame is from Ikea.  It was passed on to me by a friend and has sat in its plastic wrapper for a few years.  This week it was taken out of the 'I can do something with that one day' box and sanded down, painted daffodil yellow (how appropriate!), given a coat of crackle and topped off with a coat of white.

 The centre trumpet is made from loopy cord and a button.  I started out making a daisy... four lengths of ribbon, ends brought in to the middle and stitched.  I added the button and was playing around with the 'daisy' and as I pushed the petals up the idea of a daffodil struck.  I ran a line of glue gel around the edge of the button and pushed the ribbon up and hoped and held it until it was stuck.


And it worked!  I made six 'leaves' out of yellow satin ribbon and attached them in two threes so they lay as a real daffodils petals lay. 


For the stem of the daffodil I covered a drinking straw with double sided sticky tape and rolled it on to a length of ribbon. With the same green ribbon a fashioned to long leaves.

For the background I used white card, sky blue vellum and white lace paper clouds.

I'm going to enter this in to  Quirky Crafts challenge which is hand made flowers and ribbon.  I may be disqualified as I don't have ribbon as ribbon but my handmade flower is made out of ribbon...
and I'm linking up at Inspire Me Fridays!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


 As promised a picture of last Wednesdays 'work' finished off.  Post and more photos here.

This week I'm showing off the beaded ATC I made...

Tricky to photograph so your getting one with flash and one without...

It was all parcelled up and sent off to Queen of Desks Julia

Here is a basic of how it was made... (lots of waffle about wefts and warps!)

I use a flexible beading needle.  It is mainly 'eye' so it is very easy to thread.

And delica beads which are more regular and accurate than the better known seed bead.  They are slightly more rectangular than round so they line up better.

Thread your needle with the weft thread.  (The cross ways thread that weaves back and forth.)  Pick up the beads...

Pass the needlefull of beads underneath the warp (tight length ways) threads on the loom...

...and push each bead up in the corresponding gap between the warp threads.

Take the needle with the weft thread over the warp thread and back through the beads...

...capturing the warp threads between a sandwich of two weft threads all unseen inside the beads.

Then push all the beads up so they sit snugly together...

and pull the thread tight.  Et voila! 

It's good fun.  Tidying up all the threads at the end is less fun but very satisfying!!

Sorry that was a bit longer then I anticipated!  I'm off to look at some desks now...  :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Card for Retro Sketches II

I'm back with my second card for Retro Sketches challenge...

...and I've gone all girly this time.

I've used lots of different textures for the background, mainly in shades of white.  Then I have embellished with pastel flowers (brads and paper), an epoxy bird, a vellum butterfly and a swarovski crystal drop.

The butterfly gives dimension as it's wings are free and not stuck down.  The swarovski crystal drop gives movement as it dangles.  It looks great when it catches the light.

I like that is very feminine and girly with out being in your face pink.  In fact if you took away the pink brads it is the colour palette for a baby boy card.

Thanks for stopping by, I'd love to hear your comments...

A Card for Retro Sketches

I love this weeks sketch over at Retro Sketches.  So much so that I have already made two cards and plan to make another!  Here is my first take:

We (England) are playing football in the Euro Championships tonight and I've watched football everyday since the tournament started - Love it!  So football is on my mind at the moment...

I've used a load of green offcuts and leftovers to represent the pitch, gold to represent the champions (alas that is Spain at the moment and not England!) and stars (as the World Cup champions are entitled to put a gold star on their kit.)

I used a bubble sticker of a football (found in the kiddies section of a supermarket I think!), a football brad and some epoxy stickers in various shades of grey.

To finish off the card I hand drew a border around the edge before I started sticking and stapling all the bits down.

I think this would be a perfect birthday card for any footy mad boys... and if I had made it a few days earlier would have been perfect for Fathers Day too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 18 June 2012


If you popped by on Wednesday you will have seen this picture.

 Well it now looks like this...

I didn't really know what I was going to do when I started.  I had the basic idea of hanging beads from the loopy bits of the cord/lace and attaching that to a wider piece of ribbon to wear as a choker.

It turns out if you attach things directly to the loops they pull.  I find sewing in to satin ribbon is not easy.  So I attached the loopy cord to some grosgrain, just a few random stitches in black thread so it is not visible.

Then I did my beady thing and made some head pins with swarovski crystals and attached them to the grosgrain through the loops.  The loops aren't taking the weight of the dangles, the grosgrain is doing all the supporting.

Then I strung some matte black seed beads and looped them between the swarovskis.  Again I made sure the grosgrain was taking the weight.

Spot the mistake?!  I can count, honestly.  I don't think it matters that much...

I backed the decorated grosgrain to another length and tried to stitch them together with out it showing.  Fail.  In the end I undid all the stitching and used a length of double sided super sticky tape!!  It worked well and gave the necklace a bit more structure too. 

I'm linking up with Inspire Me Fridays @ Maria's (loads of good stuff there this week!)
and Lets Create, Creatalicious, Victorine who are all going with 'Anything Goes'

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Neon Brights

I was fortunate enough to visit  Crafty Ribbons HQ last week.  I was like a little girl in a sweet shop on Christmas Day on cloud nine!  (I can't think of any other sayings... I was  h a p p y!)

We had a chat (lovely people) and I had a nose and filled a basket... and another basket.  I came away with lots of pretties. 

Just as they thought I had finished I piped up,
"Have you got anything bright?  You know,  fluoro.  Luminous.  Really ridiculously bright?!"

I think it may be my new thing.  The neon glitter, fluorescent ribbon, must dig out some highlighter pens too.

Anyway Ali pulled out a basket of brights and this is what I came home with...

very difficult to photograph, hard to capture their brightness!

and this is the first project...

...a birthday card for my cousinlet.

I'm going to enter this card in to this challenge:

Lets Craft and Create - Anything Goes

Thanks for stopping by!  TTFN!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


On my desk this week...

some lovely ribbon from the lovely Ali
It's the beginnings of a necklace, I think, a choker style, I think, but we'll see what it turns out to be...

I thought I'd share the ATC's from the WOYWW anniversary swap...

Huge thank yous to the ladies who swapped with me.

This one is from Sandee

and a lovely card...

This one is from Helen

This little dumfling is from Jo

This one is from Janet

And finally one from Kate

It was so lovely to come back from my holiday and have a little pile of ATC's to open and admire!  Thank you ladies and thank you to Julia for the whole desk hopping madness that is WOYWW!

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