Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Daisy and George

So I scrapped this page...

...of my beautiful bunnies Daisy and George.  I used BoBunny 'forever fall' papers that are just gorgeous.  The colours are very 'me'

 I mounted the photo on some copper paper that I had double embossed with clear to make it super glossy.  Never wanting to waste a thing I cut the front page of the pad that had little tasters of all of the designs...

I cut out a frame from a sheet in the pack and inked the edges and over stamped with a V&A leaf design.  The BoBunny colours match perfectly with Crafty Ribbons 3mm's 
so I used them as accents tied around the frame plus one in the top corner.  I like my ribbon!!

Then at the bottom I used the same V&A stamp to stamp a border and put the Bun's names over the top.  I embossed the names in bronze but they just faded in to the background.  I tried to get them to stand out by dry brushing some green acrylic paint over the top.  It kind of worked but I'll try something different next time!  No journaling as I'm rubbish with words, I never know what to put!

My bunnies are incredibly naughty.  Places they are not supposed to be i.e. the flower bed, are just irresistible temptations to them, and wire fences are no obstacle!  Daisy (the bunny on the right) learnt how to open the door of their run.  George... well, George is lovely but he's not the sharpest pencil in the box.


Saturday, 15 October 2011

I'm on Crafty Ribbons Blog!

OK, so yesterday was my first blog but I've been featured elsewhere before...

Ali at Crafty Ribbons does a challenge now and again and I have been involved with three now.

This was the Colour Create challenge.  We were sent a pack of colour themed ribbons and buttons, mine were yellow, to make some goodies with.  My bits are near the bottom of the post.  My sunflower bookmark was my fave make.

This was the seam binding challenge.  Seam binding is quite thin and very versatile.  I made a little picture frame with a fish and a bracelet with dangley brass beads.  The seam binding was fun to play with.  It takes inks, mica and paints, it distresses well and comes in loads of colours too.

And the last one was a button challenge.  Possibly my favourite... I used to play with my Mum and my Nan's button boxes when I was a child - hours of fun!  In fact when my Granma passed away I had her button box.  I love that those buttons have stories behind them.  Anyway, these buttons were orange and yellow and came in all sorts of colours and sizes.  After just playing with them for ages I came up with these makes.

I have a budgie called Billy who comes out in my room, (well, it's her room really!) and she is allowed to play on my desk when there are no papers in reach (she likes to eat paper!)  It turns out that Billy likes playing with buttons too...

Button in mid air to the bottom right of the photo post-fling!

Another button in beak pre-fling!

After flinging to the floor she'd peer over the edge proudly!

Most of them ended up on the floor but it was good fun to watch!

That's all for now,

Friday, 14 October 2011

First Blog!!

First blog = quite scary!! 

I thought first of all I'd share a Mothers Day present from a couple of years back.  I recycled the packaging from some Papermania buttons, added Papermania Sweet Nothings papers, a little bit of ribbon (recycled from the hanging loops inside a pyjama top!) and a few stickers and ta-da!  I put a chocolate bird inside but didn't take pictures before he was eaten.

The perfect little gift that shows off our (Mum and I) love of birds and hopefully my love for my Mum!  Aw!

That's all for the first blog... I'm off to photograph some scrapbook pages for the next one...
Wish me luck!

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