Monday, 30 September 2013

Mr Brock

Here is a recent layout of my Gramps' dog.

I've used rub ons and stickers.  Crochet and diamante.

I've cut around the left overs on a sticker sheet and used the outlines of labels.

I've raided Granma's button box

 and used sentiment stickers that I wouldn't usually go near. 

Very cathartic.

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Ribbony Me!

I'm going to share a truly daft layout today :)

Yes, that is me under a pile of ribbon.  Yes I do have a lot of ribbon, and yes I am daft :)
Other than the photo though... how cool is that rainbow of ribbon tufts?!

I raided my offcuts jar for rainbow coloured pieces around 15 cm long and lined them up in colour order.  A cut a couple of 1cm strips of thick card and stuck them together to give a really strong core.  I then tied my ribbon pieces around it.  So simple but I so pleased with the effect.

You can find 99% of my ribbon collection on this site, but I'm not going to list each of the ribbons.  It would take a lot of looking on the site to get the links and I'm bound to stumble across more ribbons that I don't have and... well I haven't got any more space to keep them :D  If you do want to know a specific ribbon leave me a note and I'll get back to you :)

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Friday, 27 September 2013

Friday Smiles

This is what I spray The Budgie with...

Bear with me, I'm not advertising!  (Budge certainly wouldn't endorse it, she hates being sprayed!)

Here are the ingredients...

Distilled water - fine.
Pure Aloe Vera Distillate - good.
Wetting agent?  Erm..?!  What!  Isn't that water?

Made me smile so I'm sharing at Friday Smiles...

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Portraits with a Twist

I can't thank Julie Fei Fan Balzer enough for putting me on to this tutorial and technique.  I'd had a bad few days of crafting with results that were worse than bleurgh! 
Then I cut my thumb. 
I was blue. 
I didn't want to craft.

I had bookmarked this tutorial and something made me decide now was the time to try it out. 
Here are the results...

 It was hit and miss with the photos... I tried loads and these were the only four I could make it work for.  I'm going to spend some time looking through my photos and figuring out what makes them work and then take photos specifically to use for this technique.

So much fun... can be done in any colour... I'm thinking of a line of the same photo in rainbow colours...

I'm so glad to have my oomph back.  It just makes me see that
a. not everything I make will work or be satisfactory - and this is OK,
b. there is no point in making things that are not 'me' and 'my style' because it just drains what little energy I have,
c. I need to concentrate on the gifts that I have been given and using them to their best.

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


*sigh* a desk of mayhem.  Piles of stuff and no project on the go.  Hopefully it will be cleared off today and make way for something of use... hopefully.

Can I share a little word of advice, a 'top tip' if you like, with you?  I noticed some glue on the blades of my scissors.  I wiped it off with my thumb.  My top tip is don't do this, ever.  Ouchies!  And it's very  hard to craft with a plaster on your thumb.  What a wally am I!

Have a happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I'm using neon AGAIN!!

No surprises there then!  I do love my neon colours.

Also used some lace...

I wrote the story down - that's a lot of words for me!!

Added some neon thread that my lovely Mum bought me, and a title.

Used some of the cotton ribbon that I fell in love with but couldn't work out how to use.  It's lovely and thick and yummy!  I layered it up over some neon 3mm.

and used up some scraps for layering.

Happy beans.  I'd like to share this at:
Make My Monday - Trees

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Mini Madness Monday IIIII

This is the last of the backlog of mini albums I have to share with you.  You can check out the others here and here and here and here.  Ironically this is the first one I made and the last to share. I wasn't happy with it or the other circumstances around it (doesn't life get in the way sometimes? tch!) so it got put at the back of the cupboard and that is where it lived until my tidy up.  I still don't love it but that's OK.

For the carcass of the album I used a brochure from the hotel we had a posh afternoon tea at.  I love the idea of using a brochure as a mini and want to try this again some time. 

The day was wet and dreary but we set off across the county to a lovely hotel for an afternoon tea.  I added paint to some parts of the brochure but left other bits untouched.

The hotel was amazing and wanted to add photos of all the details...

We went to 'celebrate' the anniversary of me being ill for 12 years.  Usually the anniversary is a tough time and I get a little depressed as another year passes and I still show no improvement.  I decided that marking the occasion would give me something to look forward to rather than to get depressed about.

I used teapot buttons from my stash

The food was a m a z i n g!

I used ribbon and seam binding for the closure.  Love seam binding... must use it more often!

So there it is, it wasn't love at first sight but they are memories recorded and that has to be a good thing!

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Sunday, 22 September 2013


Just relax Mum.

Here is a holiday layout.  This time I've used vellum and ribbon as my main ingredients.

I flicked some paint around and some butterfly sequins.  Added a yummy arrow paperclip and added some bling.

I challenged myself to used two widths of the same patterned ribbon.  I think the combination works well and this confirms the design as one of my favourites.

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Saturday, 21 September 2013


Something new for me today.  I don't usually share what I do in my art journal.  Not sure why.  Just don't.  Probably an inferiority complex.  But at one little word the word to take inspiration from is DO.  So, I sat and did, without thinking too much, just created.  And now I'm going to share...

I need to just DO more often :)

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Alpha Challenge - G is for Grosbeak

Hello Friends,

I'm keeping up over at the Craft Barn.  The letter for this fortnight is G...

I chose

a gorgeous bird from the finch family

and he turned out like this

I've also finished an extra O page.  I intended to get two entered during that fortnight... yeah, it didn't happen but he is finished now, have a peek...

I'm off to look at the other G pages now :)

Take care

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Pip pip!  How are you all? :)

Here is my desk today...

A prepped page in my alpha challenge dictionary - a bit curly at the moment but nothing a few bulldog clips won't sort out.  That is what I intend to do today - if I don't spend to much time desking!

Also I want to share a layout I finished off yesterday.  I was meant to post it yesterday but, well, it didn't happen! 

The ribbons are new designs.  The stamp stamp is from Joynana's candy.  Fits perfectly :) 

The urchins are my brother and I many moons ago.  I'm a bit worried that Santa got his mince pies that year - I appear to be after snaffling one of them for myself...

That's all for today - check out here for more desks

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