Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday Smiles

Beautiful, no other words needed!

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Thursday, 30 May 2013


Fancydoodle wrapping - are you pro or anti?
I've been told off before - 'don't need all the ribbony faff' - Faff?!  Tch!!

But I like it, so I do it anyway  :D

I was just playing and came up with this 'bow' 

It's the using sentiment ribbon with a few folds, a couple of stitches and two strategically placed bits of sticky stuff!

Added together with using satin ribbon tying the parcel.


Why not make something with ribbon and join us over at Crafty Ribbons Challenge this fortnight?
I'd love to see you there...

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Alpha Challenge - F is for Flicker

Over at The Craft Barn blog the alpha challenge continues...  This week it's F but it has to be between Fe and Fr. (I wonder if the person who set this is in to the periodic table or has particular affection for Francium or Iron?!)
I chose Flicker, specifically the Campo Flicker who has the most beautiful of yellow feathers.

The science-y bit - actually it's a bit sparse this time as I couldn't find that much out.  It is abundant and of no concern but surely some one must have researched and studied them...  I will have another Google when I have a bit more brain power!!

And here is close up of the handsome chap.  It's another one I've added to my 'really want to see in real life one day' list.

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You make me smile!!

Woop Woop! WOYWW 208!

Here we are - 4 year anniversary.  I've not been joining in that long but since I've found Julia and WOYWW I've had huge enjoyment in joining in and snooping other peoples desks!  I want to say thank you to Julia for hosting - you are pretty awesome!  :)

Here is this weeks unloved desk.  Life and a lack of energy have kept us apart for a few days.  The washi is in the wrong order, the button boxes are wonky, the dictionary is the wrong way up, and there is a birthday bag plonked haphazardly on the cutting mat.  (Had a fab birthday - full of sunshine and cake!)  You might also spot a couple of ATC envelopes... One for the person above me on the list and one for the person below.  I would love to have made more but hey that's life.  I have already swapped one with Twiglet/Jo and hers is gorgeous!  I'll share it next week as I haven't taken a photo yet...

Again thanks to Julia for hosting and thanks to everyone who stops by and comments :)

Happy Birthday WOYWW x

Sunday, 26 May 2013

baby boy

I'm sharing with you today a card I made for a new baby boy.
All the ribbons are from CR.  I just love the washing line of baby clothes!

A few challenges...
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Friday, 24 May 2013

Sandy Feet

I love this photo.  It makes me smile.  So I scrapped it.

I've had the dictionary page sat on my desk for ages so my main aim was to include it on the layout.  Beautiful coincidence that the top of the page said 'Pause' which is exactly what happened at the beach - time paused.

The rest just sort of happened. 

 I tried to go out of my comfort zone too so there is much more embellishments than I would usually add.

The lace is from Crafty Ribbons.  The arrow brad is covered with embossing powder and heated.  And of course, there is lots of washi dotted around.

And the letters are chipboard and are covered in sand (my budgie kindly lent me some!) and painted gold.

I'd like to enter this in to:
Crafts and Me - Layers
Deep Ocean - Ribbon or Lace

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Friday Smiles!

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Yay, it's desk day!

So, yeah, it's total chaos here!

Well, it's not really but I've just been pulling things out that I might want to use on a mini album.  Next step is to make notes of what is running through my head and then sort in to 'page piles' and then get making!

The usual applies: I hope to stop by your desk to return your lovely comments and also to visit those ending in the same number as me...

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Alpha Challenge - K is for Kingfisher

The Alpha Challenge at the Craft Barn has been the only challenge I have managed to consistently join in with this year.  This fortnights letter is K and I went for Kingfisher.

I used my watercolour pencils and India inks.

I was really pleased with how the fish turned out.

I had a right old faff trying to get these photos uploaded.  I use google+ and it's all changed and seems ten times slower!  Grr!

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Recipe Folder with Cake Ribbon

I'm sharing with you a recipe folder I have made for the Inspirations site.

I got the template for the idea from the Art of Pen Pals course Ronda Palazzari is running.  We are using them as letter holders but this one I have repurposed for a recipe folder.

I've used regular 12x12 sheets of card and some freebie stamps and Banana Frog stamps for the decoration...


And the yummy cake ribbon from Crafty Ribbons.

I've used one pocket for some of my Granma's recipes and one pocket for a couple of recipes from my Mum.


Did any one else have a favourite birthday cake as a child?  Mine was a Harriet Hedgehog cake...  Yum!

I've also added a loop of ribbon to make a pen holder so any adjustments for ovens or half quantities can be jotted down easily.

I reckon Birthday ribbon for a card holder, macaron ribbon for a biscuit recipe folder, paw print ribbon for a vets folder or pet insurance folder, car ribbon for a road tax and MOT folder...  Super cute, easy to keep all our bits in one place and easily personalise-able!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Letter Holder

I'm taking Ronda Palazzari's Art of Pen Pal course and one of the first things she taught us to make was this really cute letter carrier.
It's such a cute idea that I have already made one more and have papers ready to make another!  I think they will make perfect gifts or RAK's, especially for those who send letters or cards regularly.  I've also repurposed my second one for a recipe folder...

Ronda gives us heaps of options and keep saying 'make it you' so I did...  It's green - very me.  It has paisley - very me.  It has washi - very me.  It has a little glitter - very me.  The one thing it is missing is ribbon but I fixed that with make number two which I will share in a separate post tomorrow.

Inside has two pockets - I'm keeping sheets of paper in one pocket and envelopes in the other pocket at the moment.  During the course I will send and receive letters and art from the same person, they will become my pen pal for want of another term.  I intend to put her letters in one of the pockets to keep the safe and all together and use the other pocket for things I will be sending to her. 

It has quite a high capacity... I reckon you could get quite a few letters in with no problems.

So there you have it.  A cute letter holder.  I'm sharing this with my classmates and Ronda.  And if you drop by from anywhere else Ronda is running the course again in September, so far I've learnt a lot and I would recommend giving the course a go  :)

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Ribbon Rose Brooch

This week at Crafty Ribbons the challenge is no designer papers... well I didn't use any paper at all!

I've used two lengths of two tone wire edged ribbon, a brooch pin, a small circle of felt and a needle and thread to create this;


In this photo you can also see my ribbon necklace - more photos of that here.

I'd love to enter this at Simon Says - flower power challenge
Take care and thanks for stopping by

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