Tuesday, 30 June 2015


"Van!"  It's the in word here.  It sometimes comes out as "Man!" too.  It is always said with excitement.

I cut in to the triangle paper in my Like For Ever kit.  I didn't think I had a favourite from the patterned paper sheets but it turns out the triangles is my favourite.  I might need more sheets!

I attempted to mix up some paints in the same colours.  My duck egg was OK, my green was a little off.  Anyway, packaging technique, splatters, inks, acrylics... all good messy fun.

When it came to start putting it all together I layered the triangles on some vellum.  It just subdues the mixed media enough to let the triangles show off a bit.

I made a batch off mixed media backgrounds in one go.  I doesn't take any time to set up and clear away a mixed media station on the floor, it's much quicker than trying to clear space on my desk.  I just put a wipe clean table cloth n the floor and wipe with baby wipes when I'm finished.  Plus I can't fall over if I'm sitting on the floor.  Always a big plus for me!

Layouts with June kit: 2

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Monday, 29 June 2015


Good Morning!!

Today I'm sharing the first layout made with my June Like For Ever kit called 'Stripy Straws'.

The first layout from a kit is sometimes a little hard for me - just to start cutting up the pristine papers... it hurts!  And what if I cut a piece from one that I might need a whole sheet of later?  I got over this by telling myself it is just paper and scraplifting the freaking rad Adele Toomey.  I cut a whole bunch of 3" squares - or 7.6 cm - and overcame the first cut fear!

I played around with the interchangeable stamp and got very inky fingers.  I have now figured out if you keep the handle down and stamp off a few impressions you are then not handling a completely inked stamp.  I'm still not brave enough to add stamping straight to a layout, I know I would mess it up!

I have mixed feelings about these hair clips... that is what they are - hair clips.  But I guess they work on a page too, I just don't like them being sold as scrapbook embellishments.  Because they are hair clips.  Y'know? 
(I swear I turned 30 and instantly became old and grumpy!)

The mat for my photo was cobbled together with the off cuts from the squares I trimmed down to make inner squares.  Yes, I really never waste anything!!

So there is layout number 1 with my June kit.  (I intend to keep a running total this month to see how far it goes!)

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Quick Card

I made a quick card using the left over purple paper from my June counterfeit kit...

I added a couple of Elle's Studio hearts and some ribbon from Crafty Ribbons.  The grey ribbon was white.  I altered it with half a drop of India ink mixed in to some water.  Have a small test on an off cut first but most ribbons take colour really well.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I've been having a little experiment with some off cuts of vellum.  I made them in to tiny envelopes stuffed with buttons and sequins, to add to my layouts.

A little bit of stencilling in the background - paint mixed to match the shade of the mint green sequins.

I tried to include every colour and pattern I used in the main cluster in the little side cluster.

Here you can see the vellum envelope along side a picture of Naughty Bun.

I used an iridescent mist for some splatters and thought I was done.  Looking at the page it was screaming at me for some black... nervously I used some black India ink for some more splatters.

Papers from Like For Ever kits (April & May.) Buttons and pink dotty ribbon from Crafty Ribbons.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Fabric Book

This post first appeared on spiegelmomscraps.com as a guest post.

For my first guest post for Spiegel Mom Scraps I decided to make use of the gorgeous sequins.  I used two mixes - you can find all the sequins, mixes and plain, here.

I recycled an old fabric sample swatch for this little meditative fabric mini book.  I didn't want a very neat finish so I just used a zig zag sewing machine stitch around the edges of my fabric and left a few loose threads on show.

When I had my page blanks sewn I pulled out a couple of stencils and some modelling paste.  I picked through the words on the stencil and made my own sentence...

It reads,
"release yesterday and the day before that
surrender today and tomorrow.
find art and beauty"

When my modelling paste was dry I went through hand sewing a few sequins on each page.  Where possible I added a sequin on both sides of the fabric so none of the stitches were showing on the reverse side of the page.

When I had all my pages complete I bound the book with some fairly loose stitches and some buttons.  If the binding stitches were too tight it became hard to turn the pages.

I'll be back through out the next couple of weeks to share some more guest designer projects using Spiegel Mom Scraps products.  I can you tell there is a mini album coming up in a couple of days packed full of sequins, ribbon and wood veneer!  Stay tuned!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


I'm back with the second layout from 'What's going on Vivienne?' my counterfeit kit for June.

This one uses my forged patterned papers.

Unfortunately they took too much away from the photo so I layered some vellum over them to push them back a little bit.

I seem to have gone all out with the embellishments.  It's not usually my style...

I've used some Evalicious stickers and wood, some wood stars from a pocket pal (I love being a Like For Ever subscriber!) a sprinkling of sequins and a few other bits that were on my desk.

I have some white and gold label stickers that I have tucked in here and there.

And a flair, also from Evalicious I think.  I love to buy flair but find it quite hard to actually use them!  I'm not allowing myself to buy or acquire any more until I have made a big dent in my current stash.

Here is a look at the remains of the kit...

Not much left.  The tissue will go in to my tissue bag.  It was headed there after my birthday but I thought it matched the kit so well that I added it.  There was a certain element of 'if I add it to the kit I won't have to put it away now' but it did add to the kit nicely.  I'm going to go and put it in it's rightful place now before I procrastinate any further!

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Explodes in to Giggles

Today I'm sharing a fun layout I made using the contents of my counterfeit kit What's going on Vivienne?

(Yes, we are ignoring the brown ink smudge on the far left of the page.  Grr!!)

I used this forge/experiment as my base...

which is off cuts thrown on to a patch of wet matte gel, and then squirted with iridescent mist.

And I let the journalling cascade down the page, following the mist drips...

I'm not a great journaller.  I've done courses and tried different things, but I just don't think I'll ever be one whose words flow.  It will always be hard for me.  This piece of journalling though, it's perfect to me.  It says exactly what was happening.  I hope I never forget the sound of his laughter.

I used pretty much all the kit leftovers in my layering.  I tried for a two layout kit and I got it pretty much spot on.  (This is the second layout I made but I'm sharing it first, just to confuse things!)  Of course there is a lot of tissue left and I will put that back away in my stash, but paper wise - I'm a happy bunny!

A close up of the shimmer, as the other photos don't quite do it justice!

Incidentally, this also fits challenge 3 but this is a complete fluke as I made it before the challenge was announced!

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Monday, 15 June 2015


Today I am sharing the three papers from Vivienne that I forged for the Counterfeit Kit Club.

First up the geometric square-triangle-chevron paper.  This pile of bits...

became this strip of paper...

Then I moved on to the triangles paper.

I had a little pile of offcuts left over and thought these would make a slightly off the wall interpretation of the b-side of this paper.

With the help of matte gel and a knackered old paint brush (I won't use my best brushes for gel)...

I made this.  Now to call this one a counterfeit is pushing it, but it was inspired by the original.  Shame that I covered most of it up in the end.  But you'll have to pop back tomorrow to see the finished result!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

What's going on Vivienne?

Well I've been meaning to join in with the Counterfeit Kit forgers for the last few months but it just hasn't happened.  This month I am determined even if it just for one or two layouts.

Here is my kit based on Vivienne by Basic Grey.

I've called it "What's going on Vivienne?" as I think most of you will look at this and say what is going on?!  I know, very small amount of paper, and nothing else!  But I have plans... and I think the colour palette is pretty spot on.

So I hope to be back with a couple of layouts featuring some counterfeits very soon!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Friday Smiles

I was fascinated by these gorgeous purple flowers.  The stigma (I think!) was almost furry - velvet like - and the yellow pollen against the purple petals was stunning!

Linking up at Annie's

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Rainbow Bow

Please excuse my lack of proper blogging - my health is fairly rubbish at the moment.  I'm trying desperately to keep up my Friday Smiles - I know they are good for me.  I'm also trying hard to keep up my Craft Ribbons DT work, which is what I'm popping in for today...

It is challenge day and this fortnights theme is 'Rainbow'.

I've used; 15mm polka dot in red, orange satin, 3mm grosgrain in lemon, swiss dots grosgrain in royal & lime and light orchid & purple, 3mm satin in key lime and rose bloom, swiss dots organza in purple & white.

Hop over to Crafty Ribbons Challenges to join us for our rainbow challenge!

Friday, 5 June 2015

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