Saturday, 21 September 2013

Alpha Challenge - G is for Grosbeak

Hello Friends,

I'm keeping up over at the Craft Barn.  The letter for this fortnight is G...

I chose

a gorgeous bird from the finch family

and he turned out like this

I've also finished an extra O page.  I intended to get two entered during that fortnight... yeah, it didn't happen but he is finished now, have a peek...

I'm off to look at the other G pages now :)

Take care


  1. Beautiful drawing of the bird and the Okapi (is it?).

  2. Amazing paintings, new bird on me. BJ

  3. Never heard of a grosbeak but I would like to see one on my feeders. Lovely drawings.

  4. Your Grosbeak is just gorgeous Laura & your Okapi so handsome. I Love Okapi, I think they are the vagabonds of the wild, with their mis-matched colourings :0) Mo

  5. I love how you lightly washout the background of your pages to make your subject matter pop. Both of these are wonderful artistic characters. I'm especially drawn to your beautiful Grosbeak.

  6. Another stunning entry. Your grosbeak is very dimensional and life like. Aren't those Okapi funny mismatched creatures but oh so charming.

  7. Brilliant drawings and so realistic - love both of them!

  8. Love these dictionary pages! Hugs Frea

  9. your drawings are amazing! well done
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn


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