Wednesday, 25 September 2013


*sigh* a desk of mayhem.  Piles of stuff and no project on the go.  Hopefully it will be cleared off today and make way for something of use... hopefully.

Can I share a little word of advice, a 'top tip' if you like, with you?  I noticed some glue on the blades of my scissors.  I wiped it off with my thumb.  My top tip is don't do this, ever.  Ouchies!  And it's very  hard to craft with a plaster on your thumb.  What a wally am I!

Have a happy Wednesday!



  1. I use emery board to get sticky stuff off my scissors.

    Hope your thumb soon heals.

  2. Ouch! I haven't done it with scissors, but did it with my piercing tool trying to get rid of gunk and stabbed myself, and numerous cuts with my x-acto knife (late hubby used to hide it from me to keep me from hurting myself...). Lots of red ribbon there, and such a stash of washi! Thanks for the visit today!!

  3. Looks like you are beginning to work on Christmas projects! Sorry about your thumb. :( ~ Laura #98 (Thanks for your visit. Not sure how to answer your question, "What are you like?!" Since there was a smiley, I know it was meant in jest.)

    1. Most definitely in jest... it's good to know I'm not the only one who gets the days mixed up!! x

  4. Ha ha I use Goo Gone.. it's great. Thanks for swinging by earlier and for the birthday wishes. Love that stack of ribbon on your desk...what have you been up to? Cx #32

  5. Oh Laura you poor thing! I've done the same thing myself - don't you feel a fool afterwards? Hope you can get back to crafting soon. MMx #48

  6. I always take the sticky bit off with my fingers, I rub and rub and rub, and then my skin gets all cut :( I never know how to take it off any other way, but will try the emery board tip ^^ above :) I see lots of lovely ribbon? Lx

  7. Oh dear! I've done that wiped the edge of the scissors with my thumb bit. It was so bad I was afraid I'd need stitches. I love that big pile of red ribbon. I'm betting some fun things could be made with that.

  8. Oh, poor you, Laura! You aren't the only fool who's ever done that with scissors and then felt like an idiot - an idiot in pain!! Happy WOYWW and thanks for coming by to visit me! Hopefully you'll heal quickly, clear off the desk, and have a crafty week! Darnell #22

  9. Oouchh!...I've done that before!! :O

  10. Oh yes - I did that.... more than once though !!! Doh !!! I know clean them with Acetone but have even cut myself through the cloth !! My friend says I can cut myself on a sheet of paper by just looking at it hahaha !! LoL


    IKE in Greece #75 xx

  11. Ouch, that sounds like something I would do. Hope it is better now and you find something fun to craft.
    Have a great week.
    Von #41

  12. Thanks for your kind words Laura. Sometimes I feel there is a pressure to create and some sort of 'shame' in putting it out there that you are experiencing a creative slump. Today is going better for me and I hope you and your thumb are having a good day too!


  13. You have all my sympathy ... I tend to do dangerous things with my blade. Still makes me shiver when I think about the cut!
    Sandra @12


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