Monday, 25 June 2012

7 & 10

"What's that?" She asked inquisitively.
"They are ATC's"  I replied. 
And so a crafting session began...

We had two cousinlets stay for the night, 7 and 10. 
7 happily made a scrapbook page and carefully filed it away. 
10 wasn't in the mood...
She was fascinated by my brothers old vintage computer game. 
My brother and I at 29 & 27 are only 20 years older but boy! have computer games changed in that time!! 

This little hand held Nintendo Donkey Kong game only plays one game in which you are a monkey jumping over crocodiles and ducking under flying crows doesn't compare too well to the DS's that have multiple games and cameras and wi-fi and goodness knows what else! 
Anyway 10 wandered off while 7 and I scrapped...

Later when 7 had gone downstairs 10 came up and asked about my pile of WOYWW ATC's.
I explained as best as I could and we had a go at making an ATC each.
I used my new neon washi tape that arrived the day before...

but you don't want to see mine...
10's is amazing! 

Her design, her choice of materials, the only thing I helped with was making the bow and even that was her idea.

I love crafting with my girls.  When 10 was a toddler she would sit on my lap at my desk and play with pots of 'pretties',  embellishments, buttons, toppers, she loved them all. 

10 was keen that I shared her ATC with you all.   Really I should offer it as a swap but truthfully I don't think I can bear to part with it!!


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