Monday, 19 March 2012

Postage Stamp Canvas

I’d had this idea for a few years but due to M.E/C.F.S it had just been written down on the  to-be-done-when-energy-appears list.  (It’s a long list!)  Anyway I finally got it started last week and it’s now finished and I’m really happy with it.

First of all I covered a 25 cm x 25 cm canvas with a few coats of black paint.

Arranged my stamps so they looked good with the colours evenly spaced but still looking random.

And stuck them down.

I love the way you can make out some of the dates and places of posting.

And it will always remind me of my Grandparents whose house most of the stamps came from. 

The thing is I now want to do a massive one!!  You don’t see so many colourful stamps nowadays though so that might just stay as a dream!


  1. my goodness Laura!! CLEVER and CREATIVE! love the result!

  2. I LOVE this! I'd better start saving my postage stamps!


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