Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WOYWW # 148

Welcome to ‘What’s On Your Work desk? Wednesday’ number 148!  Hop over to  Julia's if you don’t know what I’m on about!!

Well today I thought I’d give you a sneaky peek at whats in the bank of little white boxes at the back of my desk.  A few of you asked last week and the answer is buttons.  I’ve separated them into colours and need to make some labels for the front so I don’t have to open 8 boxes before I find the one I want!
You can also see a bargain stencil that my Mum picked up at a charity shop (ta Mum! x)
A blank 12x12
Several rulers - not sure why I need so many but I do use them all!!
Also there is the beginnings of a ribbon butterfly card...
And a pack of scrapmatts chipboard thingies that I really want to use but I'm not sure how/what to do with them!!
To the right off-cuts, a bar code, a black and white photo waiting to be scrapped, a syringe of glue gel, my best friend - my craft knife!

I'm off to play with the black and white photo - I can hear it calling me!!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Lovely ,busy desk. Love your button storage too. Enjoy your Easter week-end. Hugs Rita xx

  2. Whoo-Hoo... Lots of buttons... I love that ribbon butterfly.... Have a Happy Easter, Hugs May x x x No11

  3. Thanks for your comments. Great idea with the buttons in boxes, reminds me of a little stack in one of my son's drawers, perhaps it needs a make over and a new home. BJ #58

  4. great looking desk! I love all the goodies to see and wish I could play with. Is that some print washi tape in the center of the desk or am I just wishing it so? I am having a hard time finding any tape worth having around here. Thanks for your comments on my desk today. I enjoy WOYWW! Vickie @60

  5. ....lots of crafty bits on your desk loVe those scrummy button boxes...Mel :)

  6. fabulous button boxes.


  7. Those lickle drawers are lovely and very useful.
    Thanks for your visit and as for the clock, I usually put something in front of it so I don't see it, or I just ignore it!! LOL!

  8. Love that chipboard...I wanna use it now too!The buttons in those little drawers look so cute!
    Claire #85

  9. OOh lovely.. and rolls of tape that you neglected to mention...I'm loving tape at the mo! Those chipboard branches are fabulous -so thin and erm, branch-y! It's a beautiful photo, although I love the butterfly, I can understand why you're moving to the photo next!

  10. Oooh lovely busy desk there - I like your colouring on the next post too. Yes it is a London tablecloth I have I got it from Birmingham Rag Market. Thanks for visiting me and have a great Easter - Sunshine Girl.

  11. Those little boxes boxes are so cute! Is that branch thing a die or a stencil? dani133

  12. Looks like lots of creative goodness is happening here! Thanks for the visit - Terrie#59

  13. Fab button storage - I love buttons and separate mine too, into jars. Looks like you're having fun. Take care, it's Friday and I'm still snooping my way through the list! Zo xx 78

  14. Pretty buttons. :) I have two mixed jars of buttons from PTI that I love to dump out and look at. I like the chipboard thingies -- haven't ever seen something from chipboard that was that detailed. Something that sprang to mind was that you could hang things from the branches. If you had patterned paper (or stamps) of lanterns? Happy crafting from Laura #118

  15. Sorry I'm a bit late this week! Fabulous button box, happy easter x
    Sophie no.72


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