Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Hello All!   Welcome to What's On Your Worktop Wednesday.

Billy checking out 'her' new toy.

Yes, I am now one of the club.  I told the lovely Julia (by the way Julia, thank you very, very much) that I was feeling left out because I couldn't play hide the badge like you guys!

Yesterday was spent tidying.  If you've been here before you will know that I am not very good at tidying.  I get bored of tidying and want to play.  But I persevered and it is nearly tidied off completely ready for the sewing machine to come out to play.  One thing that made me chuckle... I moved my glass cutting mat to wipe the whole surface of the desk and...
...look at all that stuff hiding underneath!  Loads of it and I didn't have a clue.  A few jigsaw puzzle pieces for a future scrap book page, beading wire, used postage stamps, union jack stickers, a heart stencil and some bunting triangles. What a random mix!!  Next time I lose something I know where to look! 

Billy Budgie helped me finish tidying.

"You left this bag out, I'll deal with it..."

"There you go.  I've put it on the floor."

"Julia, this new toy is so good.  It has a satisfying ting when I drop it..."

 "...I've put it on the floor."

"Time for my close up!"

  "See you next week folks!"

And good bye from me too.  I'm off to look at your desks!


  1. Oh how cute is Billy!!! I can just picture him helping you with your crafting, how great to have a helper! Enjoy! Karen x

  2. OMG! How cute is Billy Budgie. Billy you are such a great help. Sometime my little Brownie (Yorkie) help and he doesn't know it. I have a lot of small scraps on the floor and when he come sniffing in he tend to get them on his nose. LOL. Got to love the pets. Oh I think I'm gone need a button. I love to find them.

    Happy WOYWW #70 AJ~

  3. Oh what a cute little Budgie. How kind of her to come and play!

    Great desk and birdie pictures.

    Happy WOYWW.

    Sarn (#61) x

  4. Oh how cute is Billy and he looks like a great tidy upper!! What a gorgeous little helper :)

    Have a fab WOYWW and a lovely week, Hugs, Karen xx #49

  5. Billy is so cute - lovely tidy space!


  6. I love Billy budgie! Glad you got your badge. Getting one seems to make us eligible for joining the "Let's Be Silly with our badges club"!!hehe.

  7. Of allthe things I expected to see on your desk that wasn't it!! Have a great week! Hugs trace x 25

  8. Hhaha love your lovebird!!

    Happy WOYWW Wednesday!
    Hugs Marleen #8

  9. Cute budgie, we have a blue one who is totally nuts! He would be the same if I let him in my room. Great desk and super tidy up. Take care, enjoy WOYWW this week, I know I will! Zo xx 73

  10. aww billy is so cute,fab pics
    have a fab crafty woyww
    kay #28

  11. Amazingly tidy desk, well done. Love Billy budgie! Anne #2

  12. What a fun post. I love birds and your Billy is a doll! How blessed you are to have him, but I'm afraid he'd be too distracting for me. I would just play with him and not craft! I laughed when I saw your "loot" under the mat as I've had a few discoveries like that myself! Have a great week! Darnell 152

  13. ...ahhh you have a secret helper Laura!...or is Billy after his own blog?!, well he certainly took a shine to the coolest badge on the block...super tidy space & I loVe your little white boxes, thanks for sharing today and popping by to say hello...Mel :)

  14. Billy budgie is so cute. You have a lovely clean and fresh looking workspace - thanks for sharing - (Hazel, WOYWW #95) x

  15. hi ya from 158, great work space, you have so much stuff jammed in there. Billy is looking very content with his new toy.
    There seems to be a nice little sussex crew from what i can see, well found one last week as well.

  16. OH a Budgie I have 3 but I can't let them out in the studio... I could never find them LOL have a great week.

  17. Happy WOYWW ! Thanks for visiting me #159. Billy is such a great helper! So happy that you get to bring out the sewing's much more fun that paper (shhhh, don't tell the others I said that :))

  18. ah, love billy, he's so cute. . . and helpful!
    thanks for the peek
    janet #37

  19. Well he sure is different... its mostly furry pals here but the biurdie is fab!!! Love him with the bag!!! Oh and your desk is ok too - tee hee

  20. Well I have to say Billy is the best thing I have seen on any of the work desks, she is lovely and what a wonderfull little helper.. eek. Its no fun tidying up but doesn't it feel good when you've finished lol. Love your little drawer boxes.
    Lottie x

  21. Wee Billy is Gorgeous, so glad he enjoyed his new toy... Love your desk so inviting.. Hugs May x x x#31

  22. Love your sweet feathered helper! I can never get my desk as clear as yours so the sewing machine ends up on the kitchen table despite two big tables in my craft room. Sigh...

    Thanks for dropping by!
    Shar #182

  23. Got a smile from the antics of your Billy -- it was so helpful of him to "help" you with things. Happy WOYWW from Laura #186 (Thanks for visiting my blog.)

  24. I love Billy. What fun. Great workspace too.

    Have a great weekend and Thanks for stopping by.


  25. Oh how fab to have a Billy. And what a great help he is, putting stuff on the floor for you! Love that! Like the look of the beady drawers all lined up and ready. Hope by now you've made a good old mess again! I took the little pads off my glass mat for exactly the reason you've shown...was sick of losing the important bits..thought I was going out of my head!!

  26. I LOVE your Billy! He/she has rather overshadowed your desk this week!

  27. So good to see you, Billy! I just laughed and laughed at the "time for my close up" shot. I giggled at how she helps but putting things on the floor. The cats are really good at that too. The things under your desk mat are amazing! It is quite the eclectic find there. I lose things at the back of my desk. Sometimes it is kind of exciting what you find there.

  28. Oh I love Billy, and really you are tidy honestly,

    thanks for stopping by at my desk yesterday...

    the red teddy? He is OJ (orange juice) from The Big Blue Bear (childrens BBC TV in the nineties), only his nose had been sucked by so many children it is no longer black, Oj just seems to loiter waiting for the next child to cuddle him...


  29. Aw how cute is Billy and great at tidying your desk, not so sure about your floor though! I often find lost brads under my glass mat! Hee Hee

  30. Oh my gosh I do that too...put stuff under my craft mat for safe keeping lol then can never find it...what a gorgeous little bird. Have a great week xx

  31. Love your cute helper! Mine is rather large, has four large paws, a very waggly tail and a cold wet nose that loves to get my attention!!! I must post a pic of him one week. Thanks for sharing and for visiting : ) Liz at 138 x

  32. Pretty little bird you have!

  33. Love it!!! I miss have a parakeet, they are such fun! Have a lovely week.


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