Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I'm a little late with my post... I'm going to be way down the desk list... but better late than never. 

Here is the link to Julia's for you to join in and show off your desk...

On my desk this week (no budgie, sorry folks!  She got far to big-headed with all of your lovely comments last week!  She now thinks it is her desk and her blog!)

I've been playing with the sewing machine,

and killing pins...

They got revenge so don't feel too sorry for them.

A pile of nearly finished curtain and a box of buttons to adorn said curtain.

And because it is genetically impossible for me to only have one project on the go at a time I'm also looming a union jack.  Hopefully it will end up ATC size...

Short and sweet this week, I'm off to gawp at your desk now!  :)


  1. Laura you have some patience looming that union jack bet it will be fabulous when finished. Pins deserve all they get as they stab us often enough, LOL.
    Happy WOYWW, hugs Erika.

  2. Oh wow! I wish I knew how to loom! It looks amazing!

    Zoe #36

  3. You have some cool buttons...WOW! that loom is going to be great. #100

  4. I don't feel sorry for those pins either, they always have it coming! I'm super impressed by the looming. I want to learn how to spin and loom also. #130

  5. Julia--thank you for visiting me, I love your blog! I took a weaving class many moons ago--and I'll never forget the thrill of it, so I am excited for your little weaving project. I too kill pins. Happy WOYWW!

  6. Sorry Laura--in my comment I called you Julia! Having a senior moment, I suppose. ;)

  7. Lol at the pin killing! Love the little union jack too!

  8. wow,your loomed union jack is stunning,is that easy to do?
    did laugh at your comment re your budgie :)
    have a fab woyww
    kay #22

  9. Yeh, I'm also admiring your loomed Union Jack! It's gorgeous, very clever. I love your blog too, you're really funny, I like that. I must have the same genetic defect as I have 4 art journal's on the go, a mixed media canvas, 2 ATC's, a half finished decorated set of decopatch letters that spell "The Hobb...(y Room!)" lol, a patchwork quilt, a couple of cards and a painting of my local beach. How I managed to finish anything is.......... #122

  10. happy woyww from mark, 79.
    that union jack looks so fiddly, im glad its you doing it and not me, what a great idea for an atc though.

  11. I envy you for being able to use that sewing machine! I bought a $20 little sewing machine, and I had the biggest problem with getting the bobbin to work, and now the top bobbin is not working!! Serves me right for not taking sewing in High School!! LOL!!
    Have an awesome WOYWW!
    xxDaniella #123

  12. Sewing machines and me don't mix!
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Happy WOYWW.

    Hugs, Sarn x

  13. Oh - looks like you've been busy - you'll have to show us the curtains when you get them finished,
    Bernice (145)

  14. I haven't sewed in ages! I do have a separate desk for it in our bedroom but it's terribly cluttered right now. Thanks for visiting my desk! Carol #132

  15. Well impressed with your union jack loomed piece.
    I know what you mean about doing more than one project. I've just built a website, written my blog - a lot, finished some orders off and started some others.
    I don't clean up, hardly sleep and forget to eat. And who is that bloke who comes through the door at tea time haha
    Lynn 32
    One I made earlier today

  16. never feel sorry for pins, they deserve all they get!
    lovely to see a bead loom in action, lots of hard work, but it looks good
    janet #40

  17. Wow, that Union Flag is amazing. I've never tried looming, it looks very fiddly.
    Carolyn #161

  18. Your union jack is going to be cool! I love the colour of the curtain and the buttons are adorable. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good and creative week xx Christine #141

  19. I haven't seen looming since I was a child. That is really beautiful. I hate anything to do with sewing and pins. I'm sure they hate me just as much as I always get hurt and mess up what I am sewing, hence my use of staplers now.
    Have a great week.
    Von #7

  20. Oh my goodness that looming looks awesome and those pesky pins deserve it. Say hi to fat head budgie I did miss him this week, big head and all.

    Eliza #19

  21. I love the loom! I've always wanted to do some weaving. Now you've got me thinking about it again. I admire those who sew. I haven't done much since 7th grade Home Economics class, lol! Have fun and watch out for those vengeful pins!

  22. Love your sewing machine - as for looming the union jack - wow! Lots of patience there - it looks great.

  23. Hi laura, I just wanted to say thank you for your message on my blog yesterday.
    And I'm so envious of your sewing ability.
    Lisa xxx

  24. I love your Union Jack:)
    Thanks for calling by yesterday, I am late doing the rounds but finding so fabulous bloga and desks, yours included.


  25. Love the loom, haven't 'played' with one since I was a nipper so I may have to treat myself.

    Thanks for dropping by earlier and re the bluebells - I wouldn't sit in them if I were you - you don't want a wet bum

    Ann B

  26. Good grief, and I didn't even know there was such a word as looming! How fab an idea for ATC! Dang the pin...hope it didn't break the needle, but it probably did.....angle of pins to needle was the first of many nagging lessons we learned froma scarey needlework teacher. Nice colour fabric, where are the buttons going then..on the pleats at the head or in a swirl of artiness at the foot?

  27. Late again! Fabric and buttons - my fave! Hope you've got over the murder!!

  28. Looming?? I too am a dabbler in many things crafty - thank you for visiting Jacqui #137

  29. Hello!

    Both great projects! I have never heard of 'killing' the pins to describe what I manage to do to mine - love that phrase! :<) Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  30. Love the buttons in the box. And I wish I could loom. That is so cool. LisaDV #86


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