Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WOYWW 156 - The BIG One!

...Ooh it's exciting!

Happy Birthday WOYWW!

Every birthday needs a cake!  Here is Humpty Dumpty from my third birthday!!  (How awesome is my Mum?!)

No pics of my desk this week as I am not near it.  I do however have my ATC's, envelopes and stamps at the ready.

I have been having some R&R in the sun and my recent crafting amounts to flipping through a scrap magazine and thinking about my lovely stash.  I won't be around next week but after that I should have some actual desk related pictures to share.  I just couldn't bear to miss out on the anniversary swap!!

Happy Wednesday everybody, thanks for stopping by...


  1. Have a lovely time and thanks for posting such a delightful page.
    One I Made Earlier Today

  2. Hi Laura, I think I am sending an ATC to you, have e-mailed you also, although I could be wrong it's all all a bit confusing. Then I am easily confused.

    Happy woyww 3rd Anniversary.

    ** Kate **

  3. A cake! that's a first today, how wonderful - just go nicely with my cup of tea! Happy WOYWW, Helen @8

  4. Hi Laura - love the cake did you eat it all :-) Very cute photo. Enjoy the break. Happy WOYWW Birthday to you Helen 83

  5. The first cake of today!! Hooray for your awesome mum :) Glad you've been having a great break!
    Hugs, LLJ #65 xx

  6. You were so cute the cake .....Happy 3rd woyww birthday

  7. Happy WOYWW Anniversary Helen,
    What a great photo and I agree after making many many birthday cakes over the years for my two...good and bad...that you're mum is awesome.
    It's good to get some R&R to recharge the batteries from time to time.
    Have some great fun with the tag swap ;D
    Thanks for popping to my place earlier ~ Neesie #14

  8. I loved the cake. May I have a second piece? Happy day after WOYWW from #2.

  9. Hi Laura...thankyou for your kind offer, it will be loVely to swap with you, we have the bank holiday now & my post office is shut till Wednesday & if i've read correctly your not arround either...on the next woyww we'll swap then I'll keep one aside for you...hope your having a loVely time where ever you are...Mel :)
    Great cake your Mum made

  10. Hi Laura, hope you are enjoying your R&R, it does you good to recharge the batteries. Know how you feel about the computer I have been having loads of trouble with mine, hence my lateness in getting round the WOYWW peeps.
    Enjoy your hols.
    Lottie x #164

  11. Nice of your to bring the birthday cake, so glad someone thought of it. Hope you have a lovely break.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary WOYWW
    Eliza #140

  12. Apologies for being so late in getting around to visiting you, the Jubilee celebrations are to blame, but finally here. Hope you've had a lovely week ... great photos too. Elizabeth x #94

  13. Hope you're enjoying the sunshine... and I love your 3rd birthday photo! :D

    Happy WOYWW anniversary! :D

    Ali #86


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