Saturday, 9 June 2012

Glitter Glitter Everywhere... Except Where I Want It

I had this 'brilliant' idea to stamp an image and cover it with glitter.  I've never done this before and I'm not aware of any way of doing it 'properly'.  I suppose the thing to do is use glittery embossing powders but I don't have any.  What I do have is a box full of tubes of gorgeous glitters.  What to do?

I did a couple of tests by brayering different types of glue on to my stamp and stamping it on to card.  I learnt quickly that you have to be careful the stamp doesn't slide.  I discovered that the glue meant for glitter does not hold glitter when it has been stamped.  I guess the layer is just too thin.  On my PVA test run the wet glue held the glitter well, well enough to try and make the card...  I thought.

But as the paisleys dried and I dusted over them with a soft brush to get the loose glitter off... disaster.  Well, maybe that's a bit too melodramatic... but all the glitter started falling off.  I was only tickling the card with a very soft brush!  Then just tapping the card caused a 'glitterfall'.

I ended up with very patchy glittered paisley, glitter all over me and my desk.

If at first you don't succeed, stop and have some chocolate.  No, I mean, try try try again.

Any one have any ideas?  Is there a glue ink that you can stamp with?


  1. Hmmm.. I haven't tried it but what about the 3D glossy accents stuff? That always seems to be super super sticky and dries solid so might work better? It's a bit thicker than PVA too.. Not entirely sure how you would get it into a stamp though...

    For proper 3D glittery stamped images, you could use a glue gun - saw someone making embellishments by squirting hot glue on to a glass mat (she had glittery glue sticks but you could chuck a load of glitter in and stir it lol), stamping into it and letting it dry. They come out as big 3D embellishments though rather than flat. Will be interested to hear if anyone else has any ideas, because I loooove glitter! I have some glitter embossing powders but they're not quite the same as PROPER glitter!! M x

    1. Glossy accents you say... I'll have a play!!

  2. Apologies for being late visiting you Laura but better late than never eh?
    Whenver I use glitter I find it everywhere for weeks. I can wonder around with it on face which gets you very strange looks ;D
    I love that last blingy!
    Have a great weekend ~ enjoy :D

  3. Well, I think this is pretty cool. I am not good with glitter myself, but I do love seeing what other can do with it!

  4. These are beautiful. Always loved paisleys!


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