Friday, 6 July 2012

Sunset on the Serengeti

Giraffes.  Never tried to draw them before.  Quite pleased with my first attempt! 
As an outline it looked in proportion but when I blacked it out it looked... well, I think the neck and legs could be longer or the body could be smaller. 
I showed my Nan and she confirmed this!!

Anyway, I had fun mixing and blending my yellows, oranges and reds.  I really can't believe I have only just cottoned on to cut n dry foam!

I'm entering this in to the challenge running at CASE study.
It is much more pared down than Kristii's but I think you can see the inspiration, at least I hope you can!!

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  1. ...loVely...I can almost feel the warmth coming from your card and I like your giraffe silhouette tis a super card...Mel :)

  2. Really pretty. I was a late joiner to the foam blending brigade too, and now I can't get enough! So much fun and such great effects! I love your giraffe too - impressed that you drew it freehand! M x

  3. Lovely card, the colours are stunning. The giraffe looks perfect to me. XX

  4. Well I think it looks great! I can't draw to save my life . . . so I'm impressed by your Giraffe.

    Love the blended colours too.

    Thanks for your comment and the blog link . . . I hopped on over to Simplicity. Love her work!

    Sarn xxx

  5. wow, you drew that!? Amazing! I can feel the heat from the sun on this one! Thanks for playing with us over on CASE STudy this week :)

  6. Very nice for the first try, I think your scene looks stunning! Thanks for joining us again :)


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