Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Well, there is nowt going on on my desk today so I'm showing you my nice tidy stack of 12 x 12 papers.

All organised by colour and in smaller lighter boxes so I can (hopefully) make better use of them.  And I actually used my label maker for making labels rather than journalling in my scrapbook!

I'm trying to clear some space on my display shelf...

I think I want to put this away for a bit.  I made it years ago with loads of old nail varnishes including the brushes and mixing ball bearings on a piece of canvas board.  Thing is I'm not sure how to protect it as it is 3d and quite fragile... any ideas?

Today will mostly be spent seeking the coolest part of the house in which to desk hop!  Head on over to Julia's to join in!



  1. What a tidy stack you have and sorted too. My idea of sorted is just to stack in a pile :)
    The only thing I can think of to preserve your piece of art may be to use some sort of epoxy resin over it to make it more solid. Not sure what the best resin would be though, sorry.
    Have a great week.
    Von #48

  2. Very well organised paper stack! Mine are here and there and...
    The canvas looks pretty interesting, but I can´t help you with your problem.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tuire #49

  3. Loving the way you have stored your papers, I love those boxes, must get more as mine are bulging at the seams with paper I cannot bear to use.........crafter eh? I cannot see whether you have mounted your wonderful picture onto anything. I would suggest some mountboard, secure it on to that and then put another piece of mountboard over the front, if it was slightly bigger than the picture it would save the edges and then I would hold it all together with some light tape - maybe masking tape? Not a brilliant suggestion but if all else fails...........Happy WOYWW, Anne x #21 - thanks for your visit earlier.

  4. Very organised, mine reside in a drawer but I have to rummage through them.

    Jan S 88

  5. Lovely tidy stack of paper boxes. A year ago I sorted all my 12"x12" papers into designs and stored them in 'really useful' boxes, and it has made such a difference. I can find what I want now and no more dog-eared corners.
    You piece of nail varnish art is just great. I'd mount it and frame it, and hang it up somewhere. The wall is probably the safest place for it.
    Kate #52

  6. Very neat and organised. We have one chuck it all in box for scrapbooking and another for card making.

  7. Hi Laura thanks for popping to see me. That is a great piece of Nail Art! What a fab idea. I have quite a few unloved nail varnishes upstairs so I might just give it a go! I have no idea how to protect it other than perhaps making a box for it. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 39

    1. It was very fun but it will stink the place out!!

  8. Nice storage. popping in from woyww

  9. Ooh, I envy your lovely tidy papers! Its my first WOYWW today, and since I'm in at 128 (bit late, I know), I thought I'd visit all the 8s first of all and then see how much further I get... The nail varnish canvas is astonishing - any way you could get a large, deep, inset frame so that it rested inside for protection? You could even then put some perspex or clear acrylic right over the front if you felt it needed that?
    Alison x

  10. Wow, great nail varnish art!!! Maybe put it in a deep frame so the delicate front part is a little protected? Trish #55

  11. What a cool piece of art! I love it! And I am totally jealous of your tidy stack of papers. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! And to answer your question, stitching through the chipboard letters has not caused any damage to my machine. Foam letters have made some parts somewhat sticky though. I will let you know though that I have an inexpensive machine for my scrapbooking and a nice one I inherited from my grandmother for sewing fabrics.

  12. Fabulous nail varnish art... Brillant.. love your paper storage soooo neat... Hugs May x x x#11

  13. Well done with the papers, I must say the acrylic boxes are a great storage thing for me. What about spray acrylic sealant, readily available and really useful for longevity...

  14. oooo tidy papers! (I'm a neat freak!) What a cool piece of art, but can understand the need for a change. Tis as good as a rest, they say! Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.25

  15. what an interesting piece of art no wander you want to preserve it. Ikea make a good range of deep box frames, you could set it back so it doen't touch the glass
    janet #18

  16. I love that panel, Laura - it's incredible! I agree with Kate - frame it and hang it. It's far too nice to hide away.

    I haven't been able to find a cool place today, and I hate, hate, hate the heat - it saps my strength and it's so uncomfortable... Bring back the nice cool days, if not the rain!

    Thanks for your fun comment. Shoshi the Serial Killer? You don't know the half of it. I could MURDER a bowl of cornflakes...

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #51

  17. I'm another neat-freak so am loving your tidy papers.

    Cool piece of art. No idea how to preserve it . . . but looks like others have given you some good advice.

    Sarn xxx


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