Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dripping Rainbows

I normally craft alone.  I have never crafted with a friend before.  Until now.
My friend keeps on telling me about Pinterest, and I keep saying 'I can't go on Pinterest because I will spend waaay too much time there!'  Last time I saw her she told me about this idea:  Oil pastels, heat gun, canvas, dripping rainbow.  I said 'try it' and got my pastels out!

 I think she was a bit surprised as she just came for a chat not to work!  Annoyingly she doesn't think she is creative.  She very definitely is.  She picked her colours and was away.  I couldn't bear to just watch and not join in :)  She graciously let me have a go at the pinks.

The angle the canvas was tipped to get the drip effect left these little nubbins at the bottom.  It's like the canvas has feet!  The only problem was the teal-y coloured pastel didn't melt smoothly like the others, it left a grainy finish.  Other than that it was fab.

The technique is very simple.  Prop a canvas at a slight angle.  Hold two or three coloured oil pastels at the top of the canvas.  Point heat gun at the pastels (switched on!!) being careful not to burn your hand.  As they melt they mix a little and dribble down the canvas.  I've played since this canvas and they melt 3-4 times before 'turning' and becoming less smooth and shiny.  So you can re-melt a drip if you don't like it.  I recommend having a go - it is fun and messy - what more could you want?!

p.s.  I still have not visited Pinterest... 


  1. Fab idea. Off to check out Pinterest:)

  2. Love this whatt a fabby effect-it's lovely to see you back crafting again too :) Just take it steady and don't do TOO much crafting !! Hugs(and thank you for your lovely comments about my first LIM colouring card this week !) :) xx

  3. Wow, this is amazing, Laura! Sounds like a good project to get re-started with. I haven't done a lot recently either... gradually getting back into it again now, though.

    Thanks for your comment, and I'm glad you like my poppies. It struck me that the centres looked a bit like those little black circles of velcro you can buy as small fasteners - they'd make excellent poppy centres! However, it was fun working out how to do them, and they were fun to do, especially as they worked so well.

    Pinterest is brilliant. You have to go. I haven't been on there for a while, but have phases when I can't keep away!! It's a very useful way of saving ideas that inspire you, and listing things you want to do or buy.


  4. Love the bright colors. Great technique, but I stay away from pinterest, too, for the same reason. ;)


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