Sunday, 18 November 2012

Oi! They are mine!!

I've been playing with Christmas ribbons from Crafty Ribbons.  You know when you just sit there touching them, running them through your fingers, twisting and pleating in different ways to encourage ideas?
Suddenly my small green friend flew over...
Billy wanted to play too!  She had a good old beak around and then claimed them as her own.

Here she is sitting on my knee surrounded by 'her' ribbons.
What a pickle!!
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  1. How sweet! Every one loves ribbons .... xxx

  2. You will have to put Made by Billy on the back of your cards from now on;)

    1. :) Oh don't Sue! She already thinks the desk is her playground! x

  3. So funny! Birds have such distinct personalities. :)

  4. Oh how sweet...mind you, if I were there, Billy and I would be fighting over the ribbon!!!
    Popped by to say yes, the Dymo. A nine and the coloured tapes for the Artemio machine that I show on my blog today are the same I see no reason why you couldn't use one in the other!

  5. Awww Laura... how adorable! Just look at her expression in the second photo: "I'm the Queen of the Castle!!" Woe betide you if you tried to take the ribbons off her! Our kitties would "help" me in my ARTHaven, too, given half a chance! Generally, they are banned, because Beatrice is so nosy, and pulls everything out, and tends to chew things.

    Thanks for your nice comment - ah, rulers! Some people manage to use just one, but I have 3 in regular use, and then I've got my 3 Perfect Layers ones, and six rulers on one's desk do tend to take on a life of their own! I've tried them upright in a pot and they kept getting knocked over. I'll let you know how I get on with the gutter storage system once I've made it.


  6. Adorable. What a great little helper.


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