Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Vintage Hairclip and My RAK

I am part of Sue's RAK group and today I received a little parcel from Ali.  Such a beautiful card - I collect teddy bears so it's very appropriate for me!  And a little note pad in a holder - I am the queen of lists so again, very appropriate for me.  Thanks Ali :)
Rubbish photo, the light is awful today.  This is the fourth attempt!!
And just a little something I made...
I fallen in love with this lace.  It is so pretty.  I wanted to try and make some hair accessories including it.  This is a small clip about 3cm long, lace sewn in to a circle and topped with a vintage button from my Granma's button box.

Slightly messy on the back but who sees the back?!
I really want to make more now... maybe try to attach them to grips (bobby pins) instead of a clip.
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  1. Laura, So glad your RAK Pal Ali got the card and little gift spot on:)

    Loving the little hair clip. Julie on the RAK group has recently started taking lace making classes.

  2. Such a cute hair grip. Well done you xxx


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