Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Advent Day 19: Glass Dish

Welcome along to my project for day 19 of Crafty Ribbons Advent event.

I've had this triangular glass dish for a while now...  I had two and played with mulberry paper on the other - sorry no pictures - this was before I was a blogger.

I used some sheer wide ribbon with lovely glittery snowflakes on.  I used spray glue to stick it on, glitter glue along the edges to help seal the ribbon on to the glass and finally sprayed with some canvas sealant that I have for my art work.  I wouldn't recommend washing it so it's uses are limited but it looks fab with lit tea lights... or filled with brightly coloured wrapped sweets like Roses or Quality Streets.


Thanks for dropping in and if you have a spare minute pop over to Inspirations and enter to win some advent prizes!

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  1. That's lovely. Sure it would look fab with a tea light in it.


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