Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Happy WOYWW people!!

My 'desk' today is my floor...

I've been wrapping up pressies today.  Here are a few of the finished articles...

I tried to go all fancy with my wrapping until I got to the two small awkwardly shaped annoying little things!!  Grr! 

Do pop over to Julia's to see more desks...  I just have a few tweaks to tomorrows post (which I am squeakingly excited to share!) and then I'll be over to look at some desks - see you there!!  :)


  1. Beautiful wrappings.Your pressies will be well received.#97

  2. Don't you just hate those awkward packages! Actually, I am very Hubby does all the wrapping!!! He refuses to go shopping so years ago we made a deal...I do the shopping & he does the wrapping. He actually does a really good job too!
    Hugs, Renee #101

  3. Ooh, very pretty. I especially like the reindeer on the burlap ribbon. I am not a good present wrapper. If the item isn't a square or a rectangle, forget it. ha, ha

  4. I really like your reindeer packages especially! Red and kraft look so pretty together. Happy WOYWW!

    ~ Laura #90

    [Not sure if my first comment went through -- Blogger doesn't always like me.]

  5. Hey, your presents are looking great - even the oddly shaped ones! I've been wrapping in dribs and drabs, I've done last minute wrapping at 2am on Christmas day before now!!
    Hugs, LLJ #27 xx

  6. I applaud your wrapping skills and determination. You've done a great job here. Happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny #70

  7. Lovely packaging, Laura, especially the red reindeer on the ribbon. Nice colour schemes!

    Thanks for your visit - yes, I love "evolving" projects too - but one day I am going to have to declare it finished and complete!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #69

  8. Pretty packages, Laura. The trims are lovely and I think you have tackled the awkward shaped one beautifully. Hope you've had a happy WOYWW. Elizabeth x #32

  9. Red and craft really works, sure you gifts will delight the eye
    Toni #94

  10. I have to admit that when it comes to wrapping, it is just a covering for what is inside. The children don't bother to look at how clever I have been, just how much fun it is to tear the paper into pieces. I am just about halfway through the cards, which is encouraging. Thank you for your visit today, and I hope you get all your things done in time. xx Maggie #33

  11. I love the brown paper packages, very arty
    thanks for sharinghave a great week
    janet #24

  12. LOL on your desk! Hope you got your wrapping done. I haven't even started..... Thanks for stopping by my desk today! Tammy #80

  13. Lovely wrapped presents. Thanks for sharing. Lou #93

  14. Your presents look expertly wrapped! I had grand designs about making my own wrap out of brown paper and twine, and had wrapped two presents that way when my mum delivered me 4 3m rolls of wrap. My original idea can get stuffed, frankly. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message! Lucy #16 x

  15. Hi Laura, nice of you to visit my blog today - I thought I would return the visit!
    Love the gift wrap here - very smart and gorgeous (wherever did you find that great felt banner/ribbon with the deer etc?). Whichever the troublesome items were, you've disguised them very well - love the little "crackers"!

    I was looking at your two posts from today and like the projects very much. The ribbon & bead "trees" are so clever and pretty. The tag album will be a fabulous souvenir for your friends - I'd have cried, I think, if someone had made something so lovely for me! Gorgeous.

    I think I had better come & visit here more often!

  16. Ohh such pretty pressies! Love your advent posts too specially the ribbon tree.

  17. VERY pretty--mine always looked, well, wrapped, but nothing fun or fancy.


  18. I am not wrapping presents this year DD is doing them all for me except hers of course, that will be a christmas bag. I just dont have time at all.... Good wrapping skills you have and patience.

    Belated WOYWW greetings
    Eliza 12


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