Thursday, 10 January 2013

Alpha Challenge - V for Vixen

I love the Craft Barn.  Right, glad that is out in the open :)
I'll tell you why... It has everything a crafter could want all in one place, not too far from home, and is accessible to a wheelchair (this is very important, not like another craft shop not too far from home up two flights of stairs with no lift!)  Anyway, it occurred to me late last year that despite my love of CB I had never visited their blog.  Duh!  I went over for a look and not only do they have tips and tutorials and loads of other good stuff they also have a yearly challenge.

This year is altering a dictionary with a different letter every fortnight.  I want need to play!!  I asked my carer to sniff out an old dictionary from a charity shop for me and I set to work.

I have never altered a book before so I was a bit nervous.  I planned to have a theme running through my dictionary of birds or avian words.  I masked over the word Vulture but the mask pulled off part of the type and it was no longer clear enough to read. 

Plan B.  I changed my theme to all animals and went for Vixen.

I just used 8 different colours of acrylic paint and a fine liner pen to add my scientific bit.

If any one has any tips on masking on old print please share with me... a bit of low tack tape doesn't work in this book - I figure the paper and or ink is just too old.

I like the page.  It's not what I had in mind to begin with but I am pleased for my first attempt.  I think next time I need to work on getting more depth in the page.  It feels a little 2D to me but I couldn't find any embellishments to add on that fitted with the page. 

Next time I'll plan a bit before I start!  I like the fact that as the year goes on and I look back at my pages I should see my style evolving and improving.

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  1. Wonderful idea to use a dictionary to alter. I haven't ever altered a book before either but have been looking into it for a few months now, and think I may take the plunge with this challenge. Must pop over to check it our first tho' Mo :0)

  2. Did you draw this ?? it's sooo good !!
    well done you.
    And thank you for the kind words about the craft barn.
    Thanks for playing with us too. I look forward to your other pages
    PS: just posted your link. no problem at all.
    We will figure it out , don't worry

  3. What a striking page. Hats off to you for drawing your own images (I could never manage that).

  4. oooooooooo!!!!! Laura, you have amazing talent!!!! This is just outstanding my lovely! You have even captured her bright alert eyes. Wonderful pages. I adore the CB as well and am still overwhelmed that they want me on their DT hahaha! Thank you for joining in with us. xxx

  5. What a super page, and a great freehand drawn fox, well done you

  6. I love your vixen. She looks very alert. It might be good it's just 2D because once you have altered 26 pages it could get a bit bulky if there are lots of embelishments. I did the 2012 calendar challenge with The Craft Barn and my mini heart calendar was quite fat by the end!!

  7. Wonderful pages and the foxy colour stands out sp well

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. Lovely=beautiful! I simply adore that vixen! I do admire people who can draw and paint!!!

  9. What superb artwork Laura, I am in awe. Your page is fabulous sweetie. Hmm, maybe you could clear emboss the section that you want to 'mask', this should resist most of the products you may want to work around it????????
    Hugs x

    1. Ooh, thanks Dawn... I'll try that next time :)

  10. This is stunning - love your drawing of the vixen - beautifully coloured!!

  11. Great background and I love the vixen, great page.

  12. Wonderful pages Laura...Your vixen is fabulous! the word and the drawing! :)..looking forward to seeing your next alpha challenge now! :) x

  13. It's wonderful, and your chosen word is original too. We nearly went with vulture at first too,

  14. Laura, I'm glad you are playing with us at CraftBarn. Such gorgeous draw! Love your page!

  15. Lovely pages ... your drawing is so life like ... :)


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