Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pretty Ribbon Mobile

I've been sorting through some posts and realised I never published this post.  The poor thing has just been sitting lonely in the drafts folder so I'm giving it it's 5 minutes of fame now...

Over at Crafty Ribbons Ali runs challenges every now and then.  She sends you out a bunch of ribbons, you make a coupe of projects and sens them back.  The latest bunch was saddlestitch and my projetcs are featured today.

First off I made a mobile with the softer colours from the bundle.

The hoop is the inside of an empty reel of tape covered in washi.

The dangles are die cuts from my collection.  Not much of a collection to start with, and when I took colour in to consideration these were the only ones I was left with!

They seem like a random collection!!  But overall I think it's quite a cute make and was very pleased with it.


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