Saturday, 20 July 2013

Starry Vest

Good Morning!

I want to share with you a vest that I altered...

using a water soluble pen, needle, thread and...

round buttons and star buttons.  You can find the buttons I used here, here, and here

I had just been watching Gardeners World and Monty Don had been 'broadcasting' some wild flower seeds.  I picked up the buttons I wanted to use and 'broadcast' them - read threw them in vauguely the right direction.  The idea was to get a truly random scattering of buttons.

Under each button I made a little mark with my water soluble fabric pen - an x, a 1, a 2, and a dot to identify which type of button was to go where.  Then I stitched them in to place.  It did take a while but I'm pleased with the result...

(Please excuse the body... it's the only one I have! And I apologise for the lack of head on said body... I'm unable to have a photo taken without pulling silly faces!!)
The good news is I've worn it a few times and none of the buttons have fallen off!!  ;D
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  1. Thanks for visiting the girls and I. Your altered vest turned out really cool!

  2. This is a fabulous idea. I just bought a few vests and they would look super.

  3. Great altering what you have done ....wish i had the body to wear a


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