Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Morning Deskers!  Here is my desk for today...

A card in progress for my SIL, a leather bookmark waiting to be beautified, tools and assorted other stuff (technical term) left over from yesterdays playtime...

And Billy Budgie wanted to sneak in to this weeks post too.  I ordered a mixed pack of seed treats and I was sorting them out - some for the budgie, some for the rabbit, some husk and tat for the bin.  Bill decided to 'help' me sort them out and gorged a little while she was at it!

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Your card is looking gorgeous already and how cute is Billy Budgie. I love birds.
    Have a great week.

  2. Hahaha !! - cute Budgie.... give her a full time job sorting seeds LoL
    Thanks for letting me visit x

    Happy WOYWW 215

    IKE in Greece #33

  3. Oh how cute is your budgie there.. Like the pink hearts they are sweet.. Thanks for visiting me already..
    Sandy :)

  4. I got a real kick out of seeing the budgie helping sort the seeds, beautiful and so cute. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy WOYWW Eliza 26

  5. Glad Billy get's to help:)

  6. I love budgies soooo much...they just make me smile! And Billy's a looker and helpful too :-) lucky you!
    Hugs, LLJ 46 xx

  7. Your budgie is beautiful, so is your card,
    Rosie x

  8. your WIP is looking good but I did have to laugh at your little helper there
    Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your week with this lovely weather
    Ria #75

  9. cute budgie.... I think this is the first one I have seen on WOYWW
    janet #41

  10. Thanks for visiting me already. I love your desk and that card looks great so far. I had a budgie the same colour and he used to talk and ring the phone! Had me out my chair a few times before I realised it was him!

  11. Cute budgie, I miss having these guys around, but with two indoor cats it's not worth risking a catastrophe. Your desk looks well organised and neat! Happy WOYWW! Danie #34

  12. I'm only just getting round to doing a bit of blog hopping to check out what my friends have been up to this week....a 6am to 9pm day with my gorgeous grandchildren yesterday sort of got in the way of blogging....but I'm not complaining cos it was a wonderful day. :-)
    What a cute little budgie.
    Hope you have a great week.
    A x #55

  13. Ha! Always wanted a budgie! So does my cat sadly lol !

    Your card is looking good too, Thanks for dropping by and apologies for the late visit.

    Jackie #62

  14. It seems Bill wasn't going to wait for you at all to get it all sorted to cute :)
    hugs Nikki #32

  15. awww.... what a little sweetie he is .... and soooo helpful! hahahhah....

  16. I love that your Bill is a girl budgie, Laura! Can't wait to see what you do with the leather bookmark! Happy Belated WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week! Thank you for coming by to visit me and leave me some love! Darnell #20


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