Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I'm back!  (Ha! Take that M.E. - you won't hold me down!)  And it's Wednesday so I get to look around tons of desks for inspiration :)

Here is what mine looks like:

A gelli print ready to be torn up and collaged.

The down side of being out of action for so long is there are four lists of things to do...

One of the things on one of the lists is to sort and display/put away these little bits of crochet my Mum has made.  She comes to show me a new pattern she has mastered and I nick it for scrapbooking!  Perfect embellishments!

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  1. Glad you are up and about :-) The little crochet pieces are wonderful :-D
    Thank you for letting me visit this week :-D

    Happy WOYWW #234

    IKE in Greece xx #57

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  2. Glad you have managed to knock the ME down. Hope you have a long spell where is leaves yhou alone.

  3. Such scrummy crochet. Yes I need a "to do" list so that I don't forget all my ideas that flit through my old brain!! x Jo

  4. Gorgeous the gelli fantastic and magical! I love the colorful rolls of tapes or ribbons in the backdrop too. Wowness..those crochet creations of your mom's are stunning and so enchanting..such talent! how I wish I could crochet! I would love to wear those in my hair!
    Happy Creating, thanks for your kind visit!

  5. You go, girl - kick that ME's butt! Well done for sticking there and winning :-)
    Love what you're making and your mum's crochet is a joy to look at..she's a clever lass. It'll be interesting to see what you do with them.
    And 4 lists?? I haven't even got one yet..........sigh.......
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xxxx

  6. Hey if my mum was still around and could crochet like that I would be nicking it too. Thanks for visiting.

    Hugs, Happy Crafting & WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 12

  7. Yes you have a great space to be's fresh and full of fun and inspiration...I see stacks of washi tape and your Mums' crochet creations are wonderful. Many blessing for a Happy Thanksgiving Be well Carole # 67...I think I was 67 last week too!

  8. Oh those little bits would be great for cards too! Thanks for the visit!
    Angie #75

  9. It's good to see you back Laura. Really love your Mum's pretty crochet.
    A x # 43

  10. Sorry you have so many lists - hope you get through them!! Thanks for visiting already. The crochet looks great (I can't do that at all!) Helen 34

  11. I see you already have your Christmas lights up at your desk - go, girl!! Glad you are feeling a bit better, and well enough to do some art work - great.
    Thanks for your visit earlier - yes, the sunset was great - God is good.
    Have a special week.
    Margaret #26

  12. So sorry to hear you've had ME, poor you; but it's great that you've vanquished it and that you're back in circulation! What gorgeous crochet your mum did - yes, perfect for embellishments! And that gelli print looks really pretty - lovely colour. Thanks for visiting me earlier. It was lovely to have you drop by. Happy WoYWW! Julie Ann xx #55

  13. Have a great time with the crafting, good to see you are okay, stay well. Your mum is really talented, I'd be nicking bits too.
    Have a great week.
    Von #27

  14. Love those bits of crochet! Your mum is very talented!! Thanks for visiting me!!

  15. Glad you are feeling better!! Your work is awesome!!Have fun and a Wonderful week! Ginny #19

  16. Lovely crochet, well done your Mum - does she have patterns perchance? Thanks for visiting BJ#51

    1. The bauble pattern can be found here BJ:
      Not sure about the others... I'll let you know

  17. gorgeous crochet something I haven't got to grips with but must persevere ! never seen gelli printing before, I am intrigued ! Kate x

  18. Beautiful little crochet embellishments! Glad you're back! I've just returned on the scene myself after a forced hiatus.
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Lisa #95

  19. Oh I just love the crochet. I have just seen Gelli Print paper chains on Facebook!
    Bit late visiting this week, thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Karen #59

  20. Love all the crocheted bits. I would snag them too. Thanks for the visit. #83 Peg R.


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