Saturday, 19 July 2014

Be Well Sweet B

'Nother layout from my Counterfeit Kit...  I think because I am still stuck on clean and simple the kit is stretching much farther than I thought.  I vowed to use all the paper and most of the stickers.  I didn't realise that I'm not too good with stickers!  I made extra effort on this one...

Sticker and ribbon in the top corner.

Six stickers in a cluster with thread and a peg.

A couple more stickers, more ribbon and an acetate heart.

All together...

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. what a superb beautiful page..i love the peg and little elements that dont detract from the photo

  2. Beautiful LO for a bonny baby.

  3. What a sweet layout! Love the words on the peg.
    Cindy F

  4. What a doll baby! Your page is precious too.

  5. I struggle with stickers too - you did great here though! What a wonderful layout-.

  6. Awwww such a cute photo :) and a lovely layout you did a fin job with the stickers


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