Saturday, 24 January 2015


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Have you heard about the new lace at Crafty Ribbons?  I've been lucky enough to get my sticky glittery hands on some...

This is a layout using two colours which perfectly matched the scraps of card left over from a Christmas project I worked on with my nephew.  We made little accordion photo albums with a picture from the 12th day of each month of the first year of his life.  By 'we' I mean me, but it was his idea ;)  They are on my to share list so they should be blogged soon...

I love this little cluster.  Lace scraps, a flair from Hey Little Magpie, a plastic 'thingy' that housed the parts to make a miniature plastic aeroplane and thread.

Anyone else think the repeating lace motif looks like an eye?


  1. Fab LO. Loving the colour mix.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

  2. It does resemble an eye now that I look closely! Love the lacy layering and the fun cluster under the photo. Lovely page x

  3. Lovin the lace, I need to resurrect some of my old stash and ink it up. Thanks for the inspiration - lovely page.

  4. Definitely an eye! Lovely lace, btw. Fun that you let him inspire the project!


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