Friday, 14 August 2015

Friday Smiles

This weeks smile comes in the form of these basil plants.  I have grown them from seed and I'm jolly chuffed!!  They taste good too, I had a few leaves with my tomato soup yesterday lunchtime.

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  1. Oh yum yum....there's nothing quite like a bit of fresh herbs in your cooking is there?
    Annie x

  2. You've got some lovely strong fresh looking leaves there. You're going to be able to cook up some delicious bolognaise with them. Barbxx

  3. OO I Love basil - The smell is gorgeous! Soojay 4

  4. mmm - I can smell that lovely fresh basil from here! Well done on growing such healthy little plants. x Jo

  5. Happy Friday basil, smells gorgeous, Enjoy your weekend Robyn

  6. They look very healthy.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue

  7. Mmmmmmm yummy love basil and fresh as well. Anne x

  8. Well done. I love have fresh herbs to use, and they are even better when you have grown them yourself. Kate x

  9. Oh, I can smell them from here. I grew some from seeds too. I had bought them at Lidls and didn't think they's do. But they did! They have now gone to seed and i have 'harvested' the lot and chopped them up and put them in ice cube trays and froze them. That way i have little cubes to use in dishes.
    Have a good weekend,

  10. Oooh! you remind me I haven't made home made pesto for ages...... but mine will be supermarket basil!
    Jo x

  11. Oh, how delicious! Love the scent of basil and it tastes great too. Not tried to grow basil from seed yet but am tempted after seeing your photo :) Elizabeth xx


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