Thursday, 29 October 2015

DMIO: Pets

This is a Do More In October post... more details on Fab's blog.

Daisy Bun a.k.a. Bad Bunny, Bunny Monster, Dudu, The Prettiest Bunny in the World, The Naughtiest Bunny in the World.

Sadly no longer around Billy a.k.a William, Bill, Sunshine Face, Feathers, Beaky...  I could go on she had so many nicknames!  She would often join me at my desk.

This Do More In October post is a series run by Fab.  You can see all my posts by clicking 'Do More In October' but for lots of other bloggers head over to Fab's blog for the link-up.


  1. Love your bunny.

    Bill looks just like the male Budgie I had called Freddie.

    Hope you had a good day. Sue


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