Thursday, 4 February 2016

A-Z - Q is for Quill

I'm back with the second instalment of 2016's alpha/dictionary/nature project.  Q is for quill.  It couldn't be anything else!  I had one and a half a pages of q words to chose from and none of the others were even remotely nature-linked or drawable!

Lets talk brown pens.  This is outlined with an American Crafts Slick Liner.  I've tried the Staedtler fine liner and also tried every brown gel pen I could find.  To me they are not the right colour!  They are brown but not 'proper' brown.  Can you see what I mean?  The pen is slightly purple-claret based and next to the chocolate-earth tones in the feather and the old paper colours... I just feel it's just not quite right.  Help me out, won't you?   What are your favourite brown pens?  (It does show better in real life!)

I had a play with my Derwent art bars as they were the perfect shades of brown.  I used them as watercolours though, rather than drawing with them.

I went a bit flicky and splattery too.  There is something ever so satisfying about flinging paint around!

Linking up at the Craft Barn of course.  I've also just discovered a site called AppleApricot with a neutrals linky so I'm playing there too.

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  1. Hi, Love your quill pen, and the splattering is as you say very satisfying. Have fun looking for the baby quails. Its a wonder that such a large baby quail can come out of such a tiny egg.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  2. Love this page--that sketch is terrific.

  3. I love how your pages look! You've drawn a wonderful quill. Brown ink is a touchy all the colors can be. Depending on how we see them, and the shade we want at the time. I love the Pigma Micron 005 pens, but colors are extremely limited with those babies. So I have quite a collection of I imagine most of us do.

  4. Your pages are so beautiful. I love the colors!

  5. Hi Laura, Love the Quill and the splatterings give it depth.

    Can't help with brown pen, as I rarely use one.

    Hope you have had a good day. Sue

  6. I like your quill, very well painted! Very effective illustration of the word too.

  7. Hi Laura,
    I love your Quill page. I can a bit of what you are talking about (the brown not being a true brown). I use Stampin' Up! markers I bought years and years ago. They are very nice quality but I admit I don't use them like I used to!


  8. Such a great post! I saw you on Wen's Neutral Tuesdays and had to stop in. I love your creative artwork! and the quill is awesome. I enjoy Tim Holtz marker pens. There are several browns in his collection. But your outline 'pops' really well being just a bit off-brown. I think it work anyway: ) Love the splatter. ~Karen O

  9. Hello Laura,
    yes, the depth of colour we see is never rivalled in photos! But it looks great, nevertheless.

  10. this is so beautiful, everything works together, the simple background makes the quill stand out even more and its a rustique feeling, perfect representation of the times when they wrote with quills.

  11. Love your quill. Looks very realistic and the brown looks fine to me!

  12. Laura, I'm not sure what you are comparing your brown to, but that quill looks beautiful. Somehow I expected you to have a bird, but this is even more beautiful. I am, as always, impressed with your drawing skills, and love the beauty of the drawing directly on the dictionary page. Minimal, but extremely effective.

  13. A great quill. I see what you mean about the brown pen. Is it just the pic? I have a fine liner and it seems to be true to my idea of brown.

  14. I love your quill. Do know what you mean about getting the right shade of brown (or any other colour for that matter). It is how we see the colours x

  15. That rocks, such a great creation.

  16. Laura,
    what a beautiful spread!! I love the quill!
    Thank you so much for your visit to my blog, and of course! If you are ever in the area(teehee) you are MORE than welcome to come play in my art barn! I would love to have you!

  17. Hello Laura, coming from Wen`s Simply Neutrals, as I loved your feather drawing , she shows theis week.
    Beautiful with the splashes, too !!

  18. this is beautiful! so inspiring.. Thank you for sharing!
    Tamara <3

  19. A fabulous drawing/painting of the quill.


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