Thursday, 21 April 2016


I'm still enjoying my April like for ever kit, whilst I await the May kits arrival...

These gold foiled papers are not getting old, I still love them!  I've also added in a white and gold note card (well, a couple of triangles of it!) as it matched so perfectly.  The cut file was screaming out for a shaker pocket so I obliged!  I've used a ziplock bag and my sewing machine to make a diamond shape about 1cm larger than the aperture.

These gold mirrored words are lovely.  I still have one left 'charm' which I hope to use on a layout about goldfinch!  (The term for a flock of goldfinch is a charm.)  My only wish with the pre-made words is that they manufactured words like 'Bobby', 'rascal', 'chocolate' and 'messy' - they would be much easier for me to use!!

Quite bizarrely I found that enamel dots from my stash worked better than the enamel dots that came with the My Mind's Eye collection!  Fortunately I have enough enamel dots to solve most situations - although I am sadly lacking in purple, and would love some more navy blue.

The sequins are an old set from my guest designer stint for SpiegelMom Scraps in May 2015.  I've now finished the entire bag, and very satisfying it was too!

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  1. Hi Laura, Fab LO. I like the way you mix the embellishments.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

  2. Great layout, Laura, and using very little patterned paper too. The shaker pocket is perfect and I can well believe how satisfying it must feel to use up the sequin stash completely. Elizabeth xx

  3. I just LOVE this cut file using triangles! Did you put the cut out white ones on top? In total agreement with you about the words they put in not being useful and I can never find the "right" colors in enamel dots! Had a laugh that you want "chocolate"! My kind of person, as long as it's Lindt...

  4. What a lovely layout Laura! I love the cut triangles and the negative spaces. Yes, the gold lettering is gorgeous.
    Thanks for visiting,
    Have a good week,


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