Thursday, 7 July 2016


Flipping flamingos!  Why are they everywhere?  Who picks the next random animal to become trendy?!  Any way I used them...

I'm counting this as a Throwback Thursday as it uses April's like for ever kit Little Things.  Basically I threw all of the flamingo elements at the page.  I even made a flamingo cut file, which is on the page at the top of my blog.  (There are a few free cut files that I have designed.  I will add more as I make them.  You may download them and use them in your projects if you wish, mentioning me and linking back to my blog so others can find the cut files too.  It's good to share!)

I had to stretch my alphas to make the title.  The A is a V upside down with a little bit of Z for the cross bar!

Having been so anti-flamingo-ephemera to begin with, I have to admit that I really like how this has turned out.  I don't see the same happening with typewriters or, the apparent new trend, yellow taxis - but you never know!!

Thanks for stopping by - tomorrow I will introduce you to my new friend...


  1. Hi Laura, Now you have mentioned it, Flamingos are everywhere. I'm so hoping the next animal to the 'in thing' is a Greyhound:) LOL

    Fab LO. I love the colours.

    Hope you have a relaxing evening. Sue

  2. Wonderful layout for not liking flamingos...and you call yourself an It gave me a giggle when I thought the gold enamel dots were their eyes falling out!


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