Friday, 8 July 2016

Friday Smiles

Happy Friday...  I brought this little chap home on Tuesday.  He travelled in a little box, and let's be honest... he wasn't too impressed about it!

He has been named Herbie and I will introduce him properly once he is settled.  He is 11 weeks old, still not fully grown and a little shy.  Lots of work to put in over the next couple of months, but I am happy to have him with me.

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  1. Oh you tease! Is that a beak I see?
    Have a fun week.
    Annie x

  2. Oh you will keep us in suspense! It could be an owl or a parrot... Can't wait to see him/her.
    Have a good week,

  3. Hi Laura, Herbie couldn't have a better home. Looking forward to hearing all about him and of course seeing photos. Sue.

  4. Can't wait to meet Herbie properly. At first I thought it was a little dog! Then wondered why it was in a bag like that. I see now, it is a little bird - hope he has settled now.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  5. Hi Laura...oh you do have us all wondering... yes a little beak I see too, can't to meet Herbie. Have a fab weekend Robyn

  6. Is it a bird? Maybe a parakeet or a chicken? Can't wait to meet Herbie!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. I always come to your blog wondering what beautiful flower you have for us this time, so today you fooled me! I can't wait to see who is inside. Kate x


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