Monday, 25 July 2016

Pretty Please

As I find things that I don't want too throw away, but aren't good for layouts, I stick them in my art journal.  Things like packaging, used washi tape, 'off' rub ons, stickers etc.

As I make anything with paste, paint or ink I add the left overs on top of those layers in my art journal.

Then when I feel the need to get something out I pull out my journal and find a started page that matches how I am feeling.

I had a few scraps on my desk as always.  One of them was the branding strip from Pretty Little Studio's collaboration with Pretty Please.  Another was a stamped cherry from Suse Fish's Felicity Jane kit.  Well, pretty please with a cherry on top suits how I am feeling right now!

Lots of kinda confused layers...

And big splotchy ink blotches, with a few sequins sprinkled on for good measure.

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  1. Ok Laura, what are you on??? Can I have some:) LOL

    1. Haha! Mainly ice cream and chocolate with high doses of broccoli 😉

    2. What, together int he same bowl?:) LOL


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