Tuesday, 26 July 2016

sweet & precious

I have never had scrapbook kits from outside the UK but when I saw that Suse Fish had designed some papers for Felicity Jane I caved and ordered a one off.  I am still loyal to my beloved like for ever!  I love that the UK has such a great club with a good bunch of subscribers with a friendly atmosphere.

I've scrapped pictures of a clay owl trinket pot that my cousin made at pre-school more than a decade ago.  I skipped through the kit and picked out things that weren't (and you'll be so surprised by this!) pink.

And I love this colour palette so much!  I added in some sequins, thread, enamel dots and stickers from my stash in matching colours.

I'll write a heart felt spiel on a piece of paper and paper clip it behind rather than disturb the design of the page.

I felt the layout need some delicacy so I added a doily from SpiegelMom Scraps.

Here is the video... special cameo from Herbie Budgie who decided to check out what I was up to!

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  1. love love love! (and I love likeforever too ;)) xx

  2. Hi Laura, I love the LO and that clay owl is lovely and definitely something to treasure.

    Hope you've had a good day. Sue


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