Saturday, 20 August 2016

Strawberry Swap

Every now and again I like to take part in swaps, especially hand made swaps.  I recently signed up to Mad About Bags Strawberry Swap.  Here are a few of the bits I sent to Lynn...

 A beaded strawberry necklace made with organza ribbon.

Watercolour strawberry bunting made with Morlaix lace.

If you have a cutting machine and would like the cut file I used you can download it free here.

Unsure of how to package it to stop it getting tangled I made a quick card to wrap it around.  I also had a go at painting tissue paper - it gets very soggy and delicate but if you allow it too dry without moving it it works well.

On to the bought bits - Edible; strawberry bon bons and strawberry & champagne jam.  Practical; a stem gem and a cookery book.  I made a few bookmarks with a Suse Fish strawberry stamp and marked all the recipes the had strawberries as ingredients!  There was a lip balm too, strawberry flavoured of course, but I forgot to photograph it before wrapping... you know me and my wrapping!

I went with a strawberry and lemon theme using tissue and matching saddle stitch ribbon along with the custom tissue I painted.  Gift wrapping makes me happy!

And this is what I got I return...

Oodles of stuff!  Buttons, a strawberry face mask, sponge, strawberry shaped bag, wet wipes that smell like strawberry boot laces...  and the most gorgeous hand sewn centre piece for a necklace.  There is a vintage cookery book which is fascinating and it all came in a pretty box which will most definitely be re used.  Thanks Lynn!

p.s.  This is the most anyone will ever use the word Strawberry in one post!! :D


  1. Hi Laura, What you sent and what you got look lovely.

    I'd never heard of a Strawberry stem thingy. Must look out for one.

    Hope you have a nice relaxing evening. Sue

  2. what a wonderful idea, such a lot of thought and creativity went into this ! Kate x


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