Sunday, 18 September 2016

The one Bea made for me!!

I'm calling this layout 'the one Bea made for me' - let me explain...  Bea Valint made an amazing cut file.  I was a little bit too lazy to cut it 'actual size' as it is such an intricate file, I knew I wouldn't be up to getting it off the cutting mat in one piece!  So I enlarged it and cut a portion of it.  When I got it off the mat it was so gorgeous that the layout practically made itself!

I splashed some watercolour around on the background to give the cut file something to sit on.  I then stared at it for a good ten minutes - so pretty!!

I picked a photo of me gardening.  Mum and Dad put a table over my wheelchair and brought all the pots and compost to me so I could join in.  It was the first time I had been outside in ages and it was so good to get dirty hands!

I used a few stickers, enamel dots (from the latest like for ever kit) and matching thread to embellish a little.

I kept it simple because it was all it needed!

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Hi Laura, This LO perfect.

    Hope you've had a lovely weekend. Sue


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