Saturday, 17 September 2016


I had had a bit of a play with Shimmerz Dazzlerz doing a little colour mixing.  I had some left over so I smeared it across a blank sheet of cardstock with the intention of adding to and eventually it becoming a background.  Well, I rather liked the starkness of the smear and ended up using it as is rather than adding to it!

I added some acetate and paper by Pretty Little Studio and some of the Lucky Charm sequin mix.

I loved that at the bottom of the bag of sequin you sometimes get the middle of the sequins or 'sequin glitter' as I call it.  I added these to the layout too!

So today's lessons are:
Grab all your Dazzlerz and mix them on a pallete - they mix wonderfully and you can custome colours until your heart is content!
Never throw away the last bits of a paint/paste mixing session - just get it on to paper and it can be used as a background or layering piece, or even cut/punched in to shapes.
Use EVERYTHING that comes in the packet of sequins!!

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  1. Hi Laura, Lovely LO.

    Hope you are having a good day. Sue


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