Sunday, 16 October 2016

Pinky Up!

I've been attempting to tidy my desk...  It hasn't gone well.  I keep getting tired or distracted and it isn't really something I can have help with.  So I carry on at the rate of 20cm squared tidied per day!  I found some bits and bobs buried under other bobs and bits and they were crying out to be made into a layout...

A little snippet of a yellow doily, a frill of lime tissue attached to some gold scalloped washi tape that didn't make the cut on a previous layout, a piece of card that I had played with inks on... the photo I chose picked out the yellows and oranges and I was away!

As he noticed I was taking a photo of him he stuck his pinky up, the dafty!  It is impossible to get decent photos of him!  So there was my title - and I hand cut the letters out of the card I had tested my inks on.

The mixed media work is all Shimmerz stuff, that hadn't been put away when I had finished with it.  *tut tut*  At the last minute I thought it needed some black so I added some splatters and enamel hearts.

Thanks for stopping by, if you need me I'll be pretending to tidy my desk!

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  1. Laura, This one made me smile:)

    I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Sue


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