Saturday, 21 January 2017

Light Up Lighthouse

When I saw this ribbon from Crafty Ribbons I knew what I had to do... I decided to order my first set of Chibitronics.  I’ve seen them around but never taken the plunge before.  If you are thinking “huh?” Chibitronics are those little LED stickers.  You make a circuit from copper tape and attach a battery and your project lights up.


 At first glance, it is just a normal card... lighthouses and a lovely cheesy saying.

But look!  It lights up!!  And it is really simple too.  If you are thinking along the lines of 'well I was never any good at electronics at school' - forget that - this is craft, and you, my friend, are good at crafting!  You can see my process video for confirmation of how simple it is...

I added a little gold shimmering spray over the saying so even when the light is not switched on it still has the illusion of light.

You can easily hide all the magic with another sheet of cardstock and double-sided foam tape...

I left the workings exposed as this card will be on the Crafty Ribbons exhibition stall for the spring shows.  First up is Paris, followed by Olympia, NEC Hobbies, and Excel.

The thing is I know have the bug now... I’ve read you can get conductive thread and sew the LED’s in to projects.  I have so many ideas... t-shirts, things for Bobby to help with teaching him to recognise letters and words, scrapbook pages, cards; I want to put sequins over the lights...  So.  Many.  Ideas!

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  1. Hi Laura, I love the card and it's so cool it lights up.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Sue


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