Sunday, 22 July 2018

Sketch Pens

I'm rediscovering Silhouette sketch pens... well, I bought them a year ago and figure it's about time I use them!!  I used them on my hexagon layout and have used them here...

You know the deal with me... I use all of the colours all of the time!  I picked out some ROY G BIV colours to use with a Just Nick cut file.  I released the compound path for the cut file and selected only some shapes to draw each time.  This was put through my Cameo eight (I think) times.

I added a few sequins from my SpiegelMom stash and added some simple tissue layers behind my photo.  I found a sparkly foam thicker amongst my 'really should use this' pile and that worked for my title.

Then to finish off I used the silhouette pens in the regular hand-held fashion to colour some strips to use as a border.  I could have used rainbow paper but a) I didn't have any and b) this way the pen work on both the layout and the border are matching colours.

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